Wiffle Cup Proud!

For days now the kids have been asking me when Kind camper is and today was that day. It seems as if kindness is catching and so many campers are spreading sunshine all throughout camp. As I read each nomination that is submitted, I have a smile on my face because our kids love to be kind. You see it everyday here and that is not to say that unkind moments happen, yes they do but kindness is everywhere and it always wins over being unkind. “She always has a smile on her face.” “She puts others before herself.” “He knows the nighttime is hard for me and is always by my side.” “He always has my back.” These are just a sample of what you kids say about their kind friends. It is definitely our favorite award we give here. Congratulations Kind Campers.. You do spread sunshine all throughout camp and deserve this recognition. Lyla Miller, Ava Mallin, Emma Erlich, Paige Arenberg, Taylor Klein, Sydney Cahn, Fiona Baldinger, Kylie Ross, Abby BAskind, Abby Weiss, Zoe Gorsky, Morgan Camche, Layla Cahn, Sammie Keane, Livia Sherman, Brooke Arenberg, Taylor Gold, Jolie Krieger, Jillian Shohet, Derek Satz, Zach Marasia, Ben Yatch, Noah Hirshfield, Mason Shulman, Quinn Pruss, Max Eber, Trent Hernandez, Sam Brief. 

The night was all about Wiffle Cup. Girls side was determined to bring home the win tonight but Boys side wanted the repeat.  Girls side was decked out in everything neon as boys side was showing their solidarity wearing all black. There was chants, cheers, dances and of course a crazy fun game of wiffle ball. Boys lead the way the entire game but in true Chenny form, It ain’t over till it’s over and girls side came up from behind and pulled within reach of a win. It was crazy and it was fun but boys had a 32-31 victory over Girls side. A huge congratulations to our MVP on girls side, Maya Porat and to our MVP on the winning boys side, Ian Rubin. The game was incredible and everyone was involved. You didn’t have to be on the field to feel the craziness. There were give aways all throughout the game. We were all part of the fun. So proud of our kids. We just wanna have fun and boy do we know how to do that here at Chen-A-wanda!!!! Another incredible day down but we still have more to go!!!

Our GC’s are heading back home tonight and land at JFK early tomorrow morning. We cant wait to see them around lunch time tomorrow and hear all about their incredible trip out West. The Supers will also be back tomorrow but late night and the word is that this trip was INCREDIBLE. Two groups will be back tomorrow and then our house will be full again. Off to the best and last 13 days of summer ’19.

Chenny out