Come fly with us and soar to new heights. Our Circus program will excite the senses and allow you to do things you never thought possible. Our talented, acrobatic and highly skilled staff can’t wait to get you up in the air and show you the joys of flying high. The summer ends with an awe-inspiring Circus show that our campers star in. You may have come to Camp Chen-A-Wanda never thinking you could fly on a trapeze but just wait and see the things you can and will do.


  • Flying Trapeze
  • Double Trapeze
  • Triple Trapeze
  • Swinging Trapeze
  • Ropes
  • Tight Rope
  • Juggling/ Diablo
  • Lyra
  • Spanish Web
  • Tumbling
  • Mini Trampoline
  • Acrobatics