Bunk Living

The Bunk is where campers learn to live together as a group and the process of acceptance, understanding, patience and coping happen here. Bunk living is a central and key component of the sleep-away experience.

Our staff ratio of four to five counselors for every ten to twelve campers ensures the highest level of supervision. Campers have bunk responsibilities, which teaches them to take care of their own personal area and the space they share as a group.

Each camper is provided with a personal nightstand. There is a spacious cubby room for their clothes and each bunk has its own bathroom and hot water heater.

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Facility Highlights:
  • Chen-A-Plex
    (77 seat movie theater)
  • Chenny Central
    (Main office, call room, sports center, HQ & info boards)
  • The Lodge
    (14,000 sq ft state of the art Dining Hall)
  • Shields Hall
    (Recreation Hall)
  • Fitness Center
    (New Fitness Center-Summer 2016!)
  • The Cookhouse/Chenny Shack
    (Cooking classes)
  • School of Rock
    (Recording studio –& music instruction)
  • Canteen
    (New Canteen-Summer 2016!)
  • Dance Studio Arts & Crafts Center


The Lodge

There isn’t a camper or staff member who spends the summer at CAW that doesn’t fall in love with our food. The Lodge is a state of the art 14,000 square foot dining hall overlooking the majestic beauty of Fiddle Lake. Floor to ceiling glass doors line the Lodge and allows the outdoors to be a part of our dining experience.

We eat cafeteria-style with plenty of options to please even the pickiest of eaters. We all eat together in one sitting and this experience brings us together as one family. It all starts from the first dinner as we sing, chant and cheer together and it doesn’t stop all summer long. The food is delicious and the energy is electric. Each morning you roll into The Lodge and eat breakfast in your pj’s, just like home. Then lunch and dinner are not just delicious but there is always a dance party and a massive sing-a-long at every meal. You have to experience it to believe it and believe us when we say, it’s AWESOME!! The delicious food keeps our bodies going and the spirit inside the Lodge keeps our hearts forever tied to Camp Chen-A-Wanda.


Keeping Healthy at Camp

We are so proud of our warm, kind and extremely talented Health Center Staff. They are all highly skilled physicians and licensed nurses who keep us healthy and help our children manage when they are away at camp. We have 30 patient rooms that are all air-conditioned with television so if a camper needs to spend a night at the Health Center, it’s comfortable and enjoyable. Our goal is to get each camper back into action and well as quickly as possible. Daily medications are distributed at the health center under the supervision of our medical staff. We are located 20 miles from the nearest trauma if the need ever arises.