Our Program

Our Mission


It was clear from the beginning that when we took over as Owner/Directors of Camp Chen-A-Wanda in 2008, that this camp has made profound impacts on so many lives throughout the past 80 years and it was our goal to continue providing this life-changing experience to so many kids who call Chenny their summer home. We were moved to see how important camp was to so many people that had traveled through Camp Chen-A-Wanda and it’s traditions, life lessons and impact was evident and needed to continue to thrive.

Since that day in 2008, we have added additional activities, trips, programs that we know have added to the campers’ experience in developing who they are and how they walk in the world. We recognize the enormous responsibility we have in creating an environment that gets the best out of our children. We want to provide an experience where kindness matters and friendships rule. Where our fears are replaced with bravery and doubts become a self-confidence that we never knew was there.

about-our-program-body-01For the last decade, we have dedicated our lives to the well-being and positive experiences for our campers and our goal has always been the same. We want to provide a safe, warm family environment for our campers so they learn more about themselves, try new things, gain independence, experience positive relationships, be exactly who they want to be and know they have an entire camp family that is behind them all the way. Once you have Chenny in your heart, it’s there forever!

We have 50 days to get the job done and we know if done correctly with the best of intentions, an incredibly talented highly skilled staff, engaging programs and activities and a warmth that inspires and encourages, our campers will leave us more capable and self-reliant, more trusting, with an openness that allows for new experiences to positively affect them. Our mission though massive in its goals begins with one small thought: Provide a place where Life is Great!

Divisions & Camps

We have two separate living areas at camp, Girls side and Boys side. We are a true Co-ed camp and boys (brothers) and girls (sisters) see each other throughout their day. We eat all meals together and spend evening activities together but our daily scheduled activities are gender separated.

To understand our camp lingo, you need to know our divisions so this is how the kids are separated into their camp divisions:

  • Freshmen – entering 2nd and 3rd grade
  • Juniors – entering 4th grade
  • Middies – entering 5th grade
  • Inters – entering 6th
  • Collegiates – entering 7th
  • Seniors – entering 8th
  • Supers – entering 9th
  • GCs – entering 10th
  • CITs – entering 11th

Within our one camp family, we have three specific camps that cater to the developmental needs and requirements of our campers in each division. Trips get bigger as our campers get older and the needs of our youngest campers are very different from those of our teenagers. Basically, as our campers grow, our program grows with them.

Cherokee Camp
These are our youngest campers, Rookies, Freshmen, and Juniors. Cherokee campers experience the warmth and enthusiasm of engaging kind counselors who provide support, guidance and a lot of fun all summer long. Our Cherokee campers leave camp about 5 times during the summer and their trips are smaller in scale but big and exciting to our youngest Chenny kids.

Mohican Camp
Middies, Inters and Collegiates make up Mohican camp and these middle school campers get to enjoy later curfews and longer trips. No more the youngest campers on camp and these kids are ready for it. Their out of camp trips are a bit bigger and special just for them. Our Collegiate campers get to spend an entire day at Great Wolf Lodge and it’s just for this division.

Navajo Camp
Our oldest campers on camp and these kids pass on the camp spirit and traditions that Cherokee and Mohican campers aspire to be one day. Our Navajo program allows for personal growth, independent thinking, and incredible relationship building. Our program presents new experiences that these teens are ready and excited for. Navajo camp is when our campers begin their travel component to their Chenny experience. In addition to the local day trips, Navajo campers get to experience the following:

Overnight Trips:

  • Seniors – 2 day trip to Hershey Park and a 2 day trip to Dorney Park
  • Supers – 3 day trip to Virginia Beach and a 4 day trip to Vermont/Boston
  • GC’s – 8 day trip to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and Phoenix
  • CIT’s – 3 day trip to Lake George, 2 day trip to Hershey Park, and camping