Special Events


Color War

Our campers look forward to this insanely fun, team building, 5 day competition where the entire camp is divided into two teams (Red & Gold). This event brings out the best in every camper and staff on camp. We push one another to be the best we can be, we encourage camaraderie and dedication and above all we promote sportsmanship and friendship. We ask our camp family to dig down deep and have the time of their lives. 1-2-3-4 WE WANT COLOR WAR!!!!



This 3-day long mini-color war takes place in the first half of camp. Our entire camp family is divided into 3 teams (Red, Gold & Blue) Each color represents a country and just like the Olympics, our competition requires dedication, loyalty and a commitment to put the team first. When the campers hear the Olympic Theme sound playing loudly over the camp speakers, you know something special is about to happen.



What is a camp without campfires? There is nothing quite like sitting around the campfire, telling stories with your friends, eating s’mores and singing songs along with the counselor playing on their guitar. Most everything will stick out in a campers mind as truly awesome during their summers at Chenny but campfires make you feel something special when you experience them. They are a centerpiece to a summer camp experience we love sharing with our campers.


Each summer, we bring in our own carnival for you to enjoy. There are so many rides, lots of games, cotton candy, popcorn, dunk tanks and more. It is an afternoon we spend together enjoying a unique fun time with friends. It is a standout day.

Other AWESOME Things Chenny kids get to do every summer: Beach parties, Scavenger hunts, Talent Shows, WiffleBall Tournaments, Powder Puff, Cooking Parties, Chen-A-Plex, Midnight Zone, Spa Nights, Night Swim Pool Parties, Color Mudder Run, Staff LipSync, Socials to name a few. Not too mention the incredible talent we bring into wow and entertain our camp family with incredible evening activities. There is so much to experience at camp and we are continually enhancing our program so it stays fresh summer after summer.



Some events are set in stone and will forever be a part of Camp Chen-A-Wanda tradition. Sign and Song, Girls Sings, Boys LipSync, The Dating Game, Chenny Globes, Late Night with Leahy are part of the threads that make camp so special. Summer after summer, these events are counted on and held in high Chenny regard. There isn’t a camper who doesn’t look forward to these very special nights.


We end the summer right and that is with the hugest most incredible fun party you have ever been too. You get dressed up, a bit, and dine on an incredible meal in the Lodge followed by a party in Shields Hall that will blow your mind. We go to extremes to make our banquet mind-blowing.