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Welcome Home!

That is how we all feel about coming back to Camp Chen-A-Wanda summer after summer. When the bus pulls onto Camp Rd at the beginning of each summer, you know you are home! You can’t ever forget the smells, sights and sounds that make our summers forever indelible in all of our minds. They stay with you all year long. It’s a feeling we get just being at camp that makes us smile and fills your heart with joy.

We always say Chenny is remarkable but it’s the campers and staff inside the gates that give camp its heartbeat. As you know, when you come for a summer you just can’t imagine being anywhere else and that love of Camp Chen-A-Wanda bonds us together forever as a summer family.

Camp Chen-A-Wanda pride runs deep and strong and as a Chenny kid, you know that more than anything. As always, we have an open door and love hearing from our campers and their families on ways we can enhance and approve the experiences we provide. So here is to you, our incredible Chenny kids and their families. We thank you for being a part of this amazing Camp Chen-A-Wanda experience and trusting us with your beautiful children.