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Girls Sing

The entire day was dedicated to Girls Sing and it was spectacular. The pride, the joy and the honor of this camp tradition is felt by everyone on camp. Each division worked so hard and it showed. When boys side sat in awe for 2 hours, you know it was entertaining and awesome. The support boys side gives girls side is just breathtaking. From our adorable Rookies through our crazy talented GC’s they all brought the house down. I could never bring justice to describing the bonds these girls have with one another but watching them up on stage perform together allows us all to witness it for ourselves.  They have all created a sisterhood that will follow them throughout their lives. The decision to pick winners was beyond difficult and after an agonizing decision from our male Head Staff judges, Inters won for lower camp and Supers won for upper camp. Congratulations to both divisions who just did amazing tonight. From the alma maters to the dances and from the costumes to the choreography, tonight was insane. Girl’s side rocked it.

Though the GC’s didn’t win tonight, they pulled on every heartstring in Shields Hall. They brought us all to tears with their emotional performance and ended the show with such grace and dignity. Tonight was their last Girls Sing and they opened their hearts and souls to us. You could have heard a pin drop during their performance. As they finished their performance they sat side by side, hand in hand singing their last alma mater. You could actually feel the bonds they have built with each other  and their love for one another took center stage. Three bunks came together after a long road they have all had and this summer was th eicing on the cake. They embraced one another and this experience that they have shared together.  Their journey as campers is now coming to an end and we can say with certainty that watching this group summer after summer has been joyful.  These 25 girls, each so different from one another but all found common ground and built this community of friendship between them. It is exactly how you want your camp journey to go. These young women are incredible people who we are so proud of. Our hearts grew bigger tonight as we bear witness to something magical happening in front of our eyes. You saw the faces of every camper who sat in awe of our GC girls tonight and wanted to be them, to have what they have. Camp Chen-A-Wanda is a better place with their presence and it is not goodbye, it will never be goodbye – It is just see you soon. Their journey will take a shift but Chenny is forever in their hearts and they have left an indelible mark that will never be forgotten. Girls side is better because of our GC girls being here with us this summer. We have loved watching them grow up in front of our eyes and so beyond happy that Camp Chen-A-Wanda will forever be a part of their story.

Onto the last 2 weeks of summer 2021!




Living our best life

With just 14 full camp days left to our summer, we are all living every moment to its fullest up here. There is this realization that the end is near but there is so much left to do. Campers are taking advantage of every activity and camp traditions like Girls Sing and Boys Lip Sync are in full rehearsal mode. These camp traditional events are a staple to our summer and they are a huge part of our Chenny history. Girls side is non-stop practicing for the big show tomorrow night and boys side is preparing for their big night in a few days. The spirit on camp is at an all time high. Chenny pride runs deep and everyone is feeling the spirit. Each day is better than the next and today was no exception. In between practicing for Girls Sing, campers spent their day enjoying a gorgeous day full of activities. Just joyful!!!

Tonight was by far the best and most fun evening activity we have ever had at camp Chen-A-Wanda, said EVERY SINGLE CAMPER.They absolutely loved the silent disco party we had. From the littlest rookies to our big kid GC’s, they had the BEST TIME tonight. If you know silent disco, then you know how much fun it is and your kids could not have loved it more. The smiles say it all and there were smiles on every face. The danced and sang and had the greatest night. You know you have an amazing evening activity when your oldest boys come into your office and say, “that was so much fun”. Tonight was a home run!!!

Making every day count and living our best lives these next 14 days is our plan. Lets do this!

Carnival Day

It was a brunch wake up today and we all LOVED the extra sleep. After our lazy sleep-in morning, it was off to the Carnival for one amazingly fun day. There were dunk tanks, carnival games, water slides, mechanical shark, inflatable obstacle courses, snow cones, cotton candy and so much more. The highlight at today’s carnival was without a doubt was the Foam Pit Party and the marriage booth. Our campers were diving into the foam, jumping around and getting covered head to toe with loads of bubbly fun. It was by far the campers favorite today. Today was beyond perfect and the campers and staff completely enjoyed themselves. The ideal summer day full of fun inflatables, prizes, cotton candy and great memories made.

We had amazing night as it was the Chenny Globes and the stars were out. It is our annual awards show and the kids love it. There is a red carpet, paparazzi and of course the Globes.  Nobody knows who is nominated in all 11 categories and the audience just goes crazy when those names are read. Campers dress up for the big night, as this is a real deal Hollywood-esque celebrity show. Without further adieu, Tonight’s Chenny Globes goes to:

Best Eyes: Charley Roth & Dylan Bonano

Most Spirited: Sylvie Slotkin & Ben Simons

Most Likely to be an Olympian: Ava Sobel & Bennett Votano

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Hannah Friedman & Gabe Horton

Most Likely To Get a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Callie Nadel & Jake Weiss

Most Likely to Be President: Cami Cohen & Wyatt Jacobs

Most Likely to Have Their Own Talk Show: Jolie Krieger & Ben Amster

Next TikTok Star: Charlotte Cangiano & Seth Haber

Best Laugh: Eve Lindenauer & Jake Mongeluzo

Best Hair: Rachel Sklar & Austin Acree

Most Creative: Maya Kushner & Elon Dagon


Another incredible day spent at the best place on earth!!


Color Fun Run & 5k was EPIC

It was another GREAT day at camp. We all spent this morning taking our camp bunk pics. The kids were lined up at the beach ready to go. It was a beautiful morning as every bunk gathered together and took that snap shot in time of their bunk in summer 2021. Once we all took care of the bunk pic business it was all about the afternoon color run and 5k. The campers were ready to go, dressed in white at the starting line right at the go-kart track. The ran down the hill reaching milestones where they were doused in colored powder. They ran under the Chenny sign out to the Camp sign at the end of Camp Rd. All along the way, getting splashed with every color of the rainbow. After they reached the camp sign it was time to turn around and head back to camp where they stopped at the fire truck waiting to spray them with water. It was an absolute blast of a day. Our older kids (collegiate and up) had an opportunity to run a 5K and they LOVED it. They too hit the markers and were doused with colored powder. The views on that run were outstanding and the challenge of the course was so much fun for the kids who ran the 5k. Every camper came back after their race and asked to do this again. To run in the countryside is breathtaking and we are so happy to have our campers take advantage of the benefits running offers. Today was a home run of a day. Just so much fun.

Our GC’s got back in the morning after they went camping yesterday. They loved their experience. Putting up their tents, cooking their food on the open fire, taking a gorgeous nature walk, making s’mores, sitting around the campfire laughing with friends and bonding with your camp sisters and brothers. When the kids rolled off the buses this morning, they looked exhausted and ready for a shower but each and every one of them said it was an amazing time they had together. The GC’s know that this is their last camper summer together as group and they have fully taken advantage of every second, every moment they have left at camp. They have embraced this summer and found joy together as a division. Watching them find so much happiness from a night making s’mores around a campfire, sleeping in tents and bonding together as a group is what this is all about. Memories they will never forget and friendships that impact our lives. We know these last 2 and a half weeks will fly by but our GC’s will cherish every last moment.

Another Boys Side vs Girls side competition at our annual Wiffle Cup. Girls sported anything and everything neon while boys wore black and looked fire. The chanted, cheered and played some intense waffle ball but in the boys side pulled out a victory!!!! Another incredible day here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!!

Kind Awesome Campers!!

To be awarded Camper of the week is a huge honor here at Chenny and these campers deserved it. They show leadership, great character, honor, loyalty and kindness. They are standout campers and earned this high honor. We are so incredibly proud of them and know that you at home will be too. Congratulations to our awesome Campers of the Week.

Rookies: Gabe Porat & Zach Burbank / Lily Koenig & Maya Rubin

Freshman: Garren Katzenberg & Cole Pruss / Charlotte Cangiano & Zoey Kornblau

Juniors: Ryan Katz & Asher Goldstein / Julie Gold & Layla Cahn

Middies:   Brandon Worth & Ryan Scarcella / Alexis Burbank & Jordana Poplock

Inters: Elan Harel & Noah Simon / Maya Tave & Mia Koenig

Collegiates:  Alex Lindenbaum & Noah Simon / Remy Zaben & Emily Bensich

Seniors: Jordan Tave & Greg Michaels / Emma Plotkin

Supers: Jake Weiss & Derek Satz / Jesse Gatto & Haylin Roth

GC’s: Jake Koningsberg & Josh Baum / Bari Klein & Sylvie Slotkin

It’s Cool To Be Kind at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and this honor is solely driven by the campers themselves. They nominate each other and this week we had over 750 nominations. We read every single one and it is one of my favorite things I do here. I get to read your kids words about their friends and bunkmates and how they recognize and honor kindness. It is special and they see how kindness is contagious. As I announce the kind campers at line-up, to see their faces when we call their names is truly priceless. The pride they feel and happiness they exude is just joyful. When you get recognized and honored by your peers for being kind, there is just no bigger compliment these campers can receive. They wear the kind camper T’s with a pride that comes from the inside and radiates outward. It’s an honor and your kids are so KIND!!

Girls Side Kindness: Zoe Ratner, Ava Sobel, Lexi Ortix, Brier Schweibel, Marissa Holtzman, Daniela Portanova, Brynn Stern, Madison Rosen, Sophia Giarantanna, Amalia Berman, Bailey McAlevey, Ella Goldberg, Maddi Klatsky, Abby Sugarman, Emma Rice, Liv Steinberg, Alivia Johnson, Jamie Eber, Casey Ashkenase, Jordan Hanel, Sammie Diamond, Jaden Bugni, Maya Kushner, Charlie McClure, Taylor Klein, Syd Geller, Sydney Garfield, Dylan Bloom, Gracie Frankel, Sammy Simpson

Boys Side Kindness: Dylan Cohen, Ryan Donoghue, Jordan Ockner, Ben Simons, Zachary Marasia, Alex Orlando , Parker Agulnick, Matthew Doncheck, Zac Penson, Logan Shapiro, Justin Horowitz, Austin Levitz, Jesse Lederman, Eric Baldinger, Adam Rashid, Landon Shlanger, Trent Hernandez

Another day with more memories made and we get this for another 18 days! Camp is going quick but we won’t waste a minute. There is so much more to do. 🙂

Life is GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!