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Back to Building Sand Castles

What an absolutely perfect Visiting Day we had with all of you here yesterday. It was a spectacular day and we love showing off our summer home but today it was back to camp and everyone was ready to play. The day here was picture perfect. As I was walking through camp today, I headed down to the lake and watched your kids play. They were jumping off the inflatables in the water park, getting blobbed off the water trampoline and running to tubing with an excitement they just couldn’t contain. Three darling girl campers right in front of my were making a sand castle together and they saw a CIT boy trying to get his camper into the lake for some fun. This young boy wasn’t having it and just didn’t want to go into the lake and was having a hard moment. The CIT tried everything and nothing seemed to help except for when these 3 little darlings came to the rescue. They too saw what was happening and said to both boys, “Come play with us, we would love your help building a giant sand castle.” So the 3 now turned into a 5 and this group was brought together because 3 little girls reached out their hand and opened their circle to a few new friends. I turned off my walkie, sat back and watched what was right in front of me. This was the magic of kids being open to one another and offering friendship even in the form of building a sand castle. All they did was see someone who needed an offer to join them and he jumped in. That hard moment passed for that young camper, the CIT joined him where his camper  wanted to be and those 3 cutie pies probably have no idea how their openness to include others made someone else feel really great.

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.― Michael Jordan

Inter Girls Tennis  – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 2 – CAW heads to Championship Game

Senior Girls Soccer Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 3

Collegiate Boys Softball – CAW 2 vs. Westmont 3

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 34 vs. Westmont 28

GC/CIT Boys Soccer Tournament @ Equinunk – Game 1 CAW 4 vs. Equinunk – Game 2 CAW 1 vs. Wayne 0 – Game 3 CAW 4 vs. Island Lake 0 – CAW advances to Final and lost but had the BEST Time at this tourney!

GC/CIT Boys Hockey @ CAW 5 @ Starlight 6

The last four weeks are in front of us and we aren’t wasting a moment. GC’s are getting ready to wander. The Supers are preparing for their Vermont/Boston adventure and the Seniors just cant wait for their overnight to Hershey It’s great to be a Chenny kid!!!!! The best part camp are these last 4 weeks. Lets get at it!!

Chenny out.



A Perfect Visiting Day!

I think it is safe to say that our new Visiting Day process was a HUGE SUCCESS! We planned this day months ago and hoped it would work this seamlessly and it did. We can’t fully explain how happy we were to see parents, grandparents and other family members that joined you today all enter camp together! We wanted you to enjoy that moment as a family of getting your campers together and that is exactly what we saw happening today. The ease and joy of the morning was just beautiful and set the tone for the day. We watched you run to your children and hold them so tight. There is nothing like that first hug after not seeing your kids for three weeks. They needed it as much as you did. Today was all about Family and it was about making it as easy and stressless as possible and we hope we provided that experience for you and your family.

When you handed over your children to us just 3 weeks ago, our goal was to provide a community that inspires them, a place that protects them and experiences that make them better people. Today a father of a camper approached me and Jon and was in tears as he was trying to describe his emotions from the day. Today, he saw his son in a way that he never had. Something had been unlocked and his son was confident, secure, outgoing and profoundly happy here. He hadn’t seen this kind freedom from his son before and after a pretty tough year at school, he watched his boy in complete and total joy surrounded by friends – something that didn’t come so easily at home. He couldn’t even find the words but we knew what he wanted to say. He hugged us and said that there was no greater gift then seeing his child like this. What a gift he gave us today as he shared his thoughts. This was just one of so many moments that made our Visiting Day exceptional. Watching you enjoy your kids today and seeing how happy they are here make us smile from the inside out. We get this every day all summer long and today you got to see how we live inside these gates.

We hope your Visiting Day was outstanding and was exactly what you needed. We have four more weeks of this amazing place and we plan to make each day better than the next. Thank you for your love, support and appreciation for how we take care of your babies. Your children make us better people and we are so grateful for each and every single one of them. VisitingDay 2018 is in the books and will go down as one of the best!!

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!

Chennu out

Getting Ready For You!!

Visiting Day is in the air and we can’t wait. It has been exactly 3 weeks since you have seen, hugged and kissed your kids and tomorrow is the big day. There is not a person on camp that can’t feel the excitement of what is happening tomorrow. We spent the day getting camp ready for your arrival and it looks AMAZING. Campers and staff are just so excited to welcome you into our summer home. Welcome posters are up and ready, bunks are cleaned and cubbies are organized. Now all we need is you!!!!

“It’s Not the Team with The Best Payers that Win, It’s the Players with the Best Team that WINS!!!”…Vince Lombardi

Freshman/Junior Girls Basketball  – CAW 20 vs. Starlight 8 / Chenny advances to Championship

Super Girls Softball – CAW 4 @ Starlight 3 / Chenny advances to Championship

GC/CIT Girls Tennis – CAW 4 @ Tioga 1 – Chenny advances to Championship

Inter Boys Hockey – CAW 0 @ Lavi 19

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 18 vs. Wayne 52

Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 1 vs. Wayne 5

Super Boys Soccer  – CAW 0 vs. Wayne 10

It’s soooo Cool to be Kind and the smiles on your kids faces when we announced their names tonight at lineup is priceless. When your children are recognized for being kind, there is just no bigger compliment. Bring kind  is the best human trait to posses and we know how proud you must be of your kids who are being honored for their kindness. Congratulations to our Kind Kids: Livia Sherman, Annie Isaacson, Ashleigh Brett, Izzy Aranoff, Lexi Tave, Sarah Fernbach, Sydney Kesselman, Lindsay Gelfman, Alex Bass, Brianna Deutsch, Nikki Heifler, Beth Shields, Lila Klarsfeld, Sydney Garfield, Sam Tavel, Bennett Votano, Ben Kule, Jake Marin, Jordan Morris, Jake Fersko, and Ian Sherman.

Not only do we have Kind Kids here, we are excited to announce our Campers of the Week. Wow do we have amazing kids here. Congratulations to some pretty Awesome kids!! To be named Camper of the Week is pretty special here and we are proud of these outstanding kids.

Freshmen – Maddy Klatsky & Nick Einzig

Juniors – Maya Porat & Noah Simon

Middies – Kayla Denson & Charlie Horton

Inters – Sammy Selden & Zachary Gelfman

Collegiates – Samara Goldman & Brett Hafkin

Seniors – Jessica Benisch & Jagger Morgan

Supers – Lexi Gruberger & Jed Katz

GC’s – Alexis Siegel & Parker Moritz

CIT’s – Emily Sobel & Emery Cohen

Camp is quiet now and it’s hard to imagine that in just a handful of hours, our home will be even more full of love. We can’t wait to see you hug your kids tomorrow. Enjoy every minute of your day tomorrow. Here is to a great Visiting Day Everyone!!!

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!

Chenny Out.

That’s Too Much Chen-A-Wanda… Said No One Ever

It was a brunch wake up today and we all LOVED LOVED LOVED the extra sleep. After our lazy sleep-in morning, it was off to the Carnival for one amazingly fun day. There were dunk tanks, carnival games, water slides, foam pit, inflatable obstacle courses, snow cones, cotton candy and so much more. We even had a marriage booth. There were so many marriages today, it was a carnival of love. It’s a camp tradition to give away Carnival T-shirts on this special day and this years was a huge hit. That’s To Much Chen-A-Wanda ..Said No One Ever!! All our campers were proudly sporting the coolest carnival T-shirt to date and seeing everyone wear the same cool shirt on the same cool day is just awesome!

Take me out to the Ballgame! Our Navajo boarded buses after a fun afternoon at the carnival and headed out to the ballpark. They spent their evening munching on goodies, watching a great game and spending a perfect summer night at the baseball field. What says summer more than a seventh inning stretch while singing Take Me Out The Ballgame? Our Navajo kids had the ultimate day

For Cherokee and Mohican it was Round Robin and they too had an incredible Chenny night. Freshman Boys had a Biddy City Skills Tournament under the lights. Freshman Girls has a Arts & Crafts Party – It was artsty and it was craftsy and it was so much fun! Juniors and Middies spent their night at a pool party and s’mores beach party! Inters got into bathing suits too and slipped and slidded down the foam slip and slide. There were so many happy campers and you heard the roars of laughter all throughout camp. Our Collegiates had a black light party in Canteen. Faces were painted with neon glow paint, music was bumping, snacks were flowing and the fun was jut unstoppable. In a nut shell, Camp was en fuego tonight. Fun was happening in every corner of every place on camp tonight.

The first half of summer has been OUTSTANDING and in just 1 day, you will get to hug your babies and see their smiling beautiful faces. Your kids are safe and sound and in their beds sleeping from the awesome day they had. It’s good to be a Chenny kid!!!!

Chenny out.


Boys Rocked the House

It was another incredible day spent at our summer home. The weather was perfect and campers were happy playing outside all day long. It is why we do what we do. It takes a village and boy do we have an awesome one. You don’t see counselors without a camper holding their hand, sitting on their lap or catching a piggy back ride. It is such a beautiful sight to see as these bonds that happen and happen so quickly. Regardless if it’s wiping tears away and providing comfort to your children or just having a catch on a beautiful sunny day. These connections are so special and as a parent who sees this relationship with my own kids, I know that their presence in our kids lives makes them better people. Here, a twenty-something counselor has the ability to provide something us parents can’t. A counselor has the ability to motivate your children in a way that we as parents just can’t. They make their bed here, they put their laundry away here, they listen really great here. We give our children roots and sending them to sleep away camp is giving them their wings. It’s hard to imagine someone other than you understanding their fears, being there when they cry, tucking them in at night, laughing at their jokes, eating every meal with them and guiding them through their journey but this is what’s happening right now, every day and every night.

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan

Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 1 @ Towanda 4

Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 28 @ Pearlman 0

Inter Girls Softball – CAW 6 @ Westmont 8

Collegiate Girls LAX – CAW 6 vs. Westmont 7 (Westmont forfeited due to rule violation – CAW advances)

Senior Girls Basketball – CAW 32 @ Wayne 18

GC/CIT Girls Tennis – CAW 6 @ Poyntelle 0

Inter/Collegiate Boys Basketball Tourney @ Towanda – CAW took 3rd Place

Collegiate Boys Hockey – CAW 19 vs. Westmont 11

The night belonged to Boys side with the best Boys Lip Sync I have ever seen here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. We always hear from parents that their boy just wont get up and dance and every year not a single boy opts out as they come together with their division, lip sync, dance and have an amazing time. From the cutest and most adorable Freshman through the handsomely talented CIT’s, these boys put on incredible show tonight. The entire Shields Hall was mesmerized as they watched, clapped and sang along with the boys on stage. The crowd was so into tonight’s show – singing along, standing ovations and just loving every minute of Boys Lip Sync. It is the absolute best part of camp watching the support we give each other. We call it Chenny Pride and it is how we become family to one another. To see boys let loose, dance in front a packed house with such confidence and joy is awe inspiring. You have to see it to believe it. Confidence, swagger, freedom and fun is the only way to put it. To all those boys parents out there, if  you would never believe your son would get up on stage, dance in unison with their friends and even wear a tutu and love it – it happened here tonight. It was difficult but we had to choose the winner of Boys Lip Sync 2018 and for Lower Camp it went to Inter Boys and for Upper Camp it was unanimous- CIT boys WIN!!!!. What a night we all had.

Life is GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!!

Chenny Out