Chen-A-Wanda News

A Few More Awards Left To Give

We honored week 6 & 7 Campers of the Week last night. Congratulations to another set of outstanding campers.

Freshman           Sammie Keane / Sofie Giarratana/ Mason Tave / Jed Schissler

Juniors                Paige Arenberg / Lela Schlanger / Charlie Horton / Max Garnock

Middies               Jordyn Fersko / Abby Issacson / Austin Bernstein / Dylan Nydish

Inters                   Addie Goldstein / Blair Mittleberg / Charlie Marcus / Alex Brandoff

Collegiates          Sylvie Slotkin / Alexa Starikov / Noah Marcus / Jake Konigsberg

Seniors                Lexi Gruberger / Sydney Wood / Ben Shamus / Jase Nadboy

Supers                 Charli Feldman / Sydney Guerwicz /Ben Klien / Adam Levinsky

GC’s                     Dylan Grabow / Jordan Ash / Jacob Graff / Ethan Gatto

CIT’s                    Syd Levitz / Sabrina Marpet / Andrew Larheim

Kind Campers always make us smile. Congratulations to this crew of kids who were honored as Kind Campers: Mason Berlin, Aidan Tessler, Aaron Hafkin, Jared Schwartz, Kobe Koren, Maddy Marcus, Lindsey Komson, Nikki Younger, Rian Marcus, Laine Bishop, Sydney Guerwicz, Rachel Novick, Brooke Kanganis, Ashley Schwartz, Abby Isaacson, Dani Glickman, Izzy Hutner, Natalie Portnoy, Jordan Hansel, Zoe Lederman, Taylor Klein, Ava Lefkowitz, Matthew Leviss, Sam Kreshover, Kash Bishop, Jacob Secular, Max Roth, Sam Brief, Brett Davner, Sammy Goldenstein, Jacob Coffman, Josh Lesser



It’s Not Goodbye, It’s Just See You Later

To you, our Parents at home that have gone through 1000’s of pictures, watched all of our videos, read our blogs and let their children spread their wings with us – we say thank you for trusting and believing in us with your beautiful children. It has been our total and complete privilege to spend our summers with your kids. We read this letter tonight to them at our last evening in Shields Hall. We give them back to you a little taller, a lot more confident, with ton more friends and a summer family that loves them dearly. Thank you again for trusting us and sharing your amazing kids with us all summer long. We will never forget summer 2017.

To Our Chen-A-Wanda Family:

Fifty days ago, we stood in this very spot welcoming you to Summer 2017 and it’s crazy to think about all that we have done together and gone through and here we stand again tonight saying goodbye to one another. Every summer we are amazed at how we all fall in love with this place a little bit more. There is a feeling at this Chenny that just cannot be denied and there isn’t a person in this Hall that wasn’t affected by the magic of this place. Chen-A-Wanda changes you and connects you to others in a way that you just can’t describe but you are sure glad it happened.

We have seen you all grow tremendously in these past 7 weeks. It has been joyful watching you make new friends and opening your heart to new people entering your life. You may have chosen Chen-A-Wanda because of our lake or the Cookhouse or Circus but you come back for the people and how they make you feel. We have seen you work through conflicts and become closer to one another with a true understanding of what the word friendship truly means. We cannot express the feeling we get as we watch all of you take care of one another. When one of you is sad, you have a group of people who will instantly come to their rescue and wrap their arms around you until you feel safe and better. That doesn’t exist in the real world but it does here at Chen-A-Wanda. We are not Insta Friends here.. We are REAL friends. Direct message here means I am talking to you in person and not watching those three dots blinking as I am waiting for a text back – It means, I get to hear your voice and see how much you care about me. Snap Chat just doesn’t matter when we can make Our Real Stories together. We are holding hands and not holding our phones here. This is REAL.. Not what we edit and add filters to. In 7 weeks, each one of you committed to being real and from the looks of things, it worked out pretty well. Take what happened here this summer back home with you and continue talking to each other it is so much better than texting.

To our incredible kind enthusiastic patient and giving staff: You have given so much of yourself this summer. You have pushed yourself to a limit and when you thought you had nothing else left to give, you dug deeper and gave more. Our kids had the most incredible summer not because of our climbing tower or trapeze but because of you and your heart and how much you gave to every single camper in this hall. There wasn’t a day we didn’t see you with a camper on your back or in your lap. Like we said when you arrived, just wait and see how much these kids will mean to you when you leave. It’s hard to describe but we know your campers crept not only into your laps but into your hearts.

To our campers:
You rolled through out gates and literally breathed life into our summer home. Without you, we are just a camp with beautiful buildings, cool courts and fun fields but YOU are the heart and soul to what gives this place the feeling it has here. We have watched you accomplish so much this summer. We have watched you make new friends that are now family. We have witnessed you becoming the best version of yourselves here. You climbed to the top of tower when you were convinced you were afraid of heights. You never thought you would dance and sing in front of the entire camp but that’s what we do here and it felt great. We watched you connect to one another and that connection makes these friendships unlike any other friendships we have. They are stronger, deeper and way more meaningful because you have shared your heart with others in a way that can only happen at camp.

To our CITS:
Well this is it. Your journey as a camper has come to an end and the road ahead is filled with great adventures and a new story you will soon create. You definitely left your mark here at Chenny and you passed on your love for the camp you stayed so loyal to all these years and to the campers you cared for all summer long. We adore each and every one of you and feel a deep privledge to have watched you grow summer after summer after summer. Stay close and connected and always know that Chen-A-Wanda will be your forever summer home. 
Hey GC’s – You’re on deck and we can’t wait to see YOU on The Hill!

So we all came here one way and we are all most definitely leaving here another – we leave with more friends, more connections, more confidence, more experiences all to make us better people. Camp has that effect on each one of us and when we look out at all of your beautiful faces we see a summer family that we are so very proud to be a part of. We leave here inspired by your incredible spirit, moved by your kindness and feeling so grateful because Life is GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

A Grand Ol’Time at the Chenny Rodeo

Reality has set in that our last days of summer 2017 is knocking at our door. We had two final Championship games to pay today and went 1-1. Super Boys Basketball played their final game at Morasha and lost 53-57. The GC/CIT boys beat Westmont 3-1 in their soccer championship game.  It was an absolutely amazing sports season at Chenny and we accomplished what we set out to do this summer; play hard, play fair, learn a lot and have fun!!!

As the sun was setting over Fiddle Lake, we were all dressed up in our best outfits and headed to center camp where we took pictures together with our friends & counselors. Everyone looked beautiful. It was a perfect evening and as we walked into The Lodge for an amazing dinner, we were all in awe of how beautifully decorated the room was. It was a Chenny Rodeo and we were all little bit country tonight. It was a true southern BBQ as we dined on brisket sliders, corn on the cob, steak fries and caesar salad. Just an absolute incredible banquet with delicious food to make this night perfect.

After dinner it was off to Shields Hall for our end of the year division Awards. Each Division highlighted the following campers in 3 areas; Honor Camper, Athlete of the Year and All Around Camper. They are truly standout campers and we couldn’t be more proud to highlight and honor them on this great night. To receive on this night is the highest honor we can give our campers. These are remarkable campers who deserve all the accolades and praise they were given.


FRESHMEN Livia Sherman Marissa Holzman Dylan Schissler
JUNIORS Ava Derose & Jolie Weiss Lola Housenbold Isabella Hutner
MIDDIES Emma Plotkin Jolie Krieger Alexa Galan
INTERS Samara Goldman& Samantha Pariser Olivia Mallor Jaime Dellilo
COLLEGIATES Nikki Heifler Sarah Lord Sydney Steinberg
SENIORS Alexa Selter Jordan Glickman Bella Derose
SUPERS Morgan Camche Gracie Murphy Alexa Haber
GC’s Ava Kreshover Hailey Wolff Ally Heller
CIT Shelby Myers
Lower Camp Jolie Weiss Jolie Krieger Alexa Galan
Upper Camp Ava Kreshover Gracie Murphy Alexa Haber


FRESHMEN Brady Bornstein Gavin Ryback Jett Morgan
JUNIORS Cole Wallis Alex Lindenbaum Josh Kaftol
MIDDIES Landon Miller Jacob Coffman Jonah Burke
INTERS Ethan Schwartberg Ian Sherman Ari Hirshfield
COLLEGIATES Holden Baris Braden Miller Jason Rosenbaum
Tyler Katz Alex Gatto  Max Leff
SENIORS Jake Erlich Brett Sacks Jared Simpson
SUPERS Jake Wolf Derek Wills
 Jake Ashkenase
GC’s Sam Erlich Max Rover Asher Slotkin
CIT Josh Polansky
Lower Camp Brady Bornstein Gavin Ryback Ari Hirshfield
Upper Camp Braden Miller Jared Simpson


After the Awards, it was party time and we danced all night long. Shields Hall was full of campers who let loose and danced until their feet hurt. It was over the top fun having our last true dance party with our summer family. It’s so hard to believe the summer is over but we definitely went out with a bang. As campers headed back to their bunks, full of flashing rings, tiaras, glow sticks, glasses and T-shirts and other items that were given out at the party, everyone was exhausted and elated and had the times of their life tonight. It was a party like no other as we celebrated an absolutely incredible summer. One more day!


Chenny out


Late Night with Leahy

Today was the last official day of regular activities and we enjoyed every single minute. The pool and lake was full of happy campers. Campers were outside and playing all day long.  We all knew that this day was the last true camp day and everyone was getting it all in before we load those buses on Saturday.

Center camp looked like a movie set with kids having a catch together, throwing the Frisbee to one another and swinging on swings without a care in the world. Can you imagine a world where there is just no pressure and kids outside in the fresh air playing all day long? Your children are in that world for at least the next 2 days!!

The night was all about Late Night with Leahy and this is by far the most anticipated show of the entire summer delivered by our truly remarkably talented Associate Director Brian Leahy. Brian produces the most hilarious and relevant array of great videos and presentations that leave us in stitches. It was hilarious and referenced everything funny about camp this summer and even some videos that replicate You Tube favs but with our own Chenny spin. Every camper and staff member laughed till it hurt. This evening’s activity is a camp favorite and even our counselors that were off duty, stayed in to see tonight’s show because it’s just that entertaining. Campers absolutely went crazy for the hilarity of what they witnessed. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day. Ask your camper how Late Night was and we know they’d say, BEST SHOW EVER!

Just a few more nights to go until summer ’17 is in the books. We have had the most incredible summer to date and our Chenny spirit is flying high here. You can feel the vibe, its undeniable. So with only a few more days to go, we are all looking forward to Banquet tomorrow night, and Memory Night on Friday – 2 camp favorites that will officially wrap up Summer ’17! It’s not over yet.

Chenny Out.


Red DC WINS!!!!!

With the last day of Color War upon us, everyone was working hard, having fun and giving it every ounce of effort they had. It meant that much to all of us. Win or loose, each team put their heart on the line and played hard. Each field and court was full of Red and Gold spirit, chants and cheers. The feeling on camp was indescribable. To see groups of kids rally around one another in the true sprit of competition and do it in a way that is uplifting and encouraging is awe-inspiring. It’s the way it should be and it exists here at camp.

Tonight was a silent meal and never was The Lodge so quiet. It was oddly silent as this is the place where we dance and sing but tonight in Color War tradition, we ate silently.  The campers wanted more than anything to talk but knew that every word spoken would loose points for their team. Try and visualize The Lodge full of campers and counselors that just don’t speak. It was a sight to see and not a word to hear. We played tranquil spa music and I definitely saw a few kids rest their head and catch a few zzzz’s with how quiet and relaxed they were.

As both teams entered into Shields Hall dressed as super heroes of every kind,  there was a sense of elation and true Color War pride. This was it, and everyone knew it. Each team presented their plaque and banner and they were truly works of art. Masterpieces that will forever be proudly displayed inside Shields Hall. It was time for Sing and both were ready to perform the songs they worked so hard on and had so much meaning in every verse. There were tears as Red DC sang their Alma Mater and included beautiful lyrics that embodied the feelings they have as their summer comes to an end:

Another summer in the books, Two months is all it took

From the freshman to the CIT’s, for us to become a family

Winter nights without you near, wishing that you were here

Turn the clocks bring back the times, when we were sitting side by side

We never want to leave our home, we never want to leave our home

It was emotional and everyone knew that the end of Color War means the end of camp. What we have all gone through will be with us forever but for now is ending and the last four days as two teams are now back together as one amazing unified camp. Gold Marvel sand with meaning and from their heart:

Summer ’17 – Hard to believe that soon I will be missing you

Try not to cry, As days fade to nights, Ill want you by my side

Never say goodbye

Look around this place, we wont forget the memories we’ve made here

Cause Leaving you is my biggest fear – Our summers through , we’re leaving here

In a Chenny tradition of musical chairs, the last Judge to grab his seat was Red and that signifies the winner of Color War 2017. There was joyous elation throughout the Red team but everyone in that hall tonight felt the electricity that raced through the room. You couldn’t help but feel the intense energy that was contagious and incredible. An entire room was celebrating the brilliance of what we all just went through. The tears came but it wasn’t for any loss anyone experienced, it was knowing we are at the end of this journey. We cried, we cheered , we hugged, we let go and allowed ourselves to feel every single emotion tonight. To be present at this moment was to connect in a way that changes our life. The bonds got stronger and the friendships got deeper. What an absolutely incredible night we had.

We walked into Shields Hall tonight as two very separate teams but we all walked out back together as one camp family. Three more days of living where Life is GREAT!

Chenny out