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The Voice

Your children have been here for 20 days and they have been having the time of their lives. So much has happened in these past 20 days that even our blogs, pictures and videos can’t paint the full picture. A day here at Chenny is like a week and a week feels like a month so 20 days feel like this has been our home forever. Today I spent rest hour with some Junior girls and within that hour, we painted our nails, played jacks, had a dance party, shared some hilarious stories, braided our hair and laughed a lot. As we all were sitting around having an incredible rest hour with each other, I said, “Can you believe we all met only 20 days ago.” They all turned to each other and couldn’t believe that was true as they stood arm in arm with virtual strangers just 20 days ago. One camper said it so poetically as she said, “how come it feels like I’ve known them forever?” This feeling is so real from our freshmen to our CIT’s. It happens in front of our eyes and with each passing day, it brings us closer on a level we cant explain. Our friends become family here and it happens in just 20 days.

It was a fun day full of sports being played on this glorious day:

Freshmen/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 10 vs. Chestnut Lake 0

Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 0

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 36 vs. Poyntelle 4

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 8 vs. Ponytelle 1

GC/CIT Girls Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Poyntelle 1

GC/CIT Girls Softball – CAW 8 @ Morasha 4

Freshmen – Senior Boys Swim Meet @ Starlight – CAW places 4th

Inter Boys Hockey – CAW 5 @ Lavi 11

Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 4 vs. Starlight 2

GC/CIT Boys Basketball – CAW 32 @ Morasha 44

There is one thing that cannot be denied and it’s that we have some extremely talented campers here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. We are in search for The Voice and this is not an easy fete with the ginormous pool of talent we have here. Tonight was the Live Battle Round and we were all blown away with the talent up on our stage. Each coach chose a song for their battling pairs who entertained us all with their big beautiful voices. Based on tonights performances, each coach chose the performers who they wanted to continue on their team to the final round. It was a night to remember and the list of 24 performances was brought down to the top 12. Congratulations to those who are moving on to the final round. In just a few weeks, these 12 acts will perform a song of their choice live in front of all us for one last time. The final vote will be made by all the campers and the winner will be announced that same night!

Team Grossman – Arielle Ashkenase/Dylan Bass/Emma Goldenberg

Team Chris – Daisy Chaskin & Jordan Leeds/Laine Bishop/ Sara Akerman

Team Meghan – Summer Housenbold/Julia Knobloch/ Olivia & Matthew Leviss

Team Rachel – Maya Hoffman & Rachel Knee/ Abby Leeds/ Ashley Sukoff

Wild Card Winner – Boys of Bunk K

Congratulations to all our singers who sang their hearts out tonight. Getting up on that stage is no easy fete and we are in awe of their courage, talent and confidence. Those who were not chosen by the team coaches tonight gained something so worth while as well. They learned that they can stand in front of a packed house and sing from their heart no matter how big their fears may have been. They did it!!!! We live by and whole heartedly believe in this saying which Jon and I  constantly tell our own kids, “Experience is what we get when we get something we didn’t want. So every attempt is a win.”  To those who are moving on to the live show and those whose Voice journey ended tonight, we thank them for finding their voice and sharing it with us all.

Chenny Out