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Trip Day Tuesday

It was our first official trip day of the summer. The campers were so excited for their trip as they all left camp in their Gold Chenny T-shirt.

Freshmen, Juniors and Middies enjoyed their day at the Crayola factory. They made their very own crayon and had so much fun with all the interactive activities they got to do and play with. Even though your kids are big enough that they spend their summer at sleep away camp, they still  loved their day at the  Crayola Factory.

Inters & Collegiate’s  spent their day jumping around Skyzone and followed it up with an evening ice skating. It was full day of fun and play of our Mohican campers. They came back to camp exhausted after a full day of serious play. It was a perfect day for the kids.

Seniors, Supers and GC’s started their day at the movies and followed it up with some fun ice skating at the rink. It was an absolute fun day for our oldest campers who loved munching on popcorn watching the summer blockbusters and then putting on this skates and having a ball ice skating with their besties!. Just an awesome time had by all.

Our CIT’s spent their day visiting Syracuse University and then it was off to the mall for some fun shopping and a dinner. They are the big kids on camp and they chose where they wanted to go today. The smiles and bags of goodies they came back with said it all.

It was just an incredible day spent outside camp for all our kids who had fun and made memories. Leaving camp is super cool but there is nothing like coming back home. Lights are out, kids are sleeping peacefully, everyone is exhausted and it was a GREAT day! It has been so long since we’ve had trip days at Chenny and its feels so great.

Kids are happy, Staff are happy – Life is Great at Camp CHEN-A-WANDA.

Fun & Fireworks

Spending the 4th of July here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda is incredibly special. We celebrate together as we honor our great country. Camp is decorated with everything Red, What & Blue. Faces were painted, flags were flying high, red, white and blue tutus were everywhere and the day was just perfect.

The spirit of today continued into every competition we played today. Our athletes played with lots of heart and soul. It was a great day to be a Chenny athlete.

“Confidence is everything in this game, if you dont think you can, you wont. ” – Jerry West

Inter Boys Softball – CAW 6 @ Westmont 5

Inter Boys tennis  CAW 3 @ Island Lake 2

Collegiate Boys Basketball  C AW 35 @ Island Lake 25
Gc/CIT Boys hockey CAW 11@ Westmont 3
Middy Girls Soccer – CAW 2 @ Westmont 4
Super Girls Basketball – CAW 11@ Island Lake 18
Gc/CIT Girls Soccer CAW 2 @ Westmont  4

It was a great day here at Chenny but we all knew that the night was the best part and it did not disappoint. We all got cozy in our long and longs (that is camp lingo for long pants, long shirts). Then it was up to the amphitheater to watch our incredible firework show. We were decked out head to toe with glow sticks galore & flashing headbands.  We announced our 5, 7 and 10 year campers who get to show off their cool hoodies. Definite bragging rights for our campers and staff who have spent so many summers here . That sweatshirt is so meaningful to every person who spends summer after summer here. We had a special surprise video for Brian and Laura Leahy who have spent 20 summers here at Chenny. We gathered messages from past campers and staff who were so beyond excited to share words of love and adoration for what these two have meant to so many.

As the night grew darker we all got comfy in our seats,  the night sky lit up above us with the most spectacular firework show. I truly don’t know what is more impressive to watch; the sky light up with a rainbow of colorful fireworks or the look of amazement on your children’s faces as they watch with such anticipation for each firework to unveil above them.  They were just in amazement of what they were seeing and watching them enjoy it so, was a gift they gave to us. With every firework that shot into the night sky, there were eyes glued to the magic of what was happening.  There is something about watching a firework show that makes you feel young and reminds you that those summer nights are priceless. It was beautiful and fun and oh so memorable.  It wasn’t just an ordinary night but a feeling that made you part of something pretty special.  We sang each song together and swayed our hands in the air in unison. There is  no place on earth would we rather be but right where we were, with one another at Chenny. We hope you all enjoyed your 4th because we sure did!!!!


Airplanes, Trucks and Helicopters

I stumbled upon some Junior boys sitting outside Arts & Crafts during free play today and they asked if I would get them a model airplane, truck and helicopter inside the building so they can build it together. My answer was of course YES but rather than just hand it off, I joined them and together we sat for an hour building these masterpieces. I typically find myself on girls side playing jacks or having my nails painted but today it was hanging with the boys for me. What a treat and I didn’t want it to end. We all built way more than the model structures in front of us. It was collaboration, it was conversation, it was discovering so much about everyone around that picnic table today. I learned that one of the boys wants to be a NBA player and an engineer and that another boy wants to be a professional chef and maybe an accountant too just like his dad. Together, we all built these wooden masterpieces and it took all of of us to get it done. I was loving the task we all had in front of us. This one was helping that one and somehow we all were able create something incredible that took teamwork to get done. At the end of free play, there was a table full of boys and me looking at the most beautiful airplane, truck and helicopter we all just built together. And the truth is, we built way more than the wooden models that we started with. We built trust and we built friendship. I was part of a moment that was brilliant and beautiful with a picnic table full of boys sitting around, building something amazing. There is magic in every corner here at camp and if you are lucky enough, sometimes you can be a part of it like I was today. The boys wanted to take the creations we made back to their bunk but gave me one to put on my desk. One of them said to me, “We want you to have this one so you can remember we did this together.” I got to keep the helicopter and will cherish this little wooden model forever.

“A champion is not defined by wins but how they get up when they fall.” Serena Williams 

Middy Boys Soccer – CAW 3 @ Starlight 8
Inters Boys basketball  – CAW 20 @ Westmont 28
Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 9 @ Starlight 0
Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Westmont 3 (in overtime)
GC/CIT Basketball – CAW 24 @ Starlight 21
It was CIT’s vs GC’s in tonights Powder Puff Flag Football Game and the whole camp got in the spirit. Girls were fierce and competitive and bragging rights were on the line. GC’s got the first  touchdown but the CIT’s wouldn’t given up. The game was incredible but in the end the GC’s pulled out the Win. They were elated with joy and celebration! Another incredible night was had by all and no matter who won, we ALL won.

CIT’s Take Sign & Song

It was another picture perfect day at camp. Hard to fully fathom that we get to live in this place for the entire summer, surrounded by such beautiful nature alongside the kindest and most caring people. There is just no place like it and there is no wonder why once you are here you just don’t want to leave. Even our newest campers who just arrived only 7 days ago have made themselves right at home.

“We don’t quit. We don’t cower. We don’t runaway. We  endure and we conquer.” Kobe Bryant 

Inter Boys Baseball – CAW 4 @ Westmont 5

Freshman/Junior Girls Basketball – CAW 19 @ Westmont 22

There are camp events that truly define what Chenny is all about and Sign and Sing is one of those traditions that has lasted through time. It is a camp staple that you look forward to and tonight didn’t disappoint. Since we all rolled into camp just one week ago, the first big event is Sign & Song and girls have been practicing their since day 1 and for some divisions, the plan was set in motion months ago. Each bunk on both girls and boys side creates a bunk plaque. Every camper and counselor’s name is on it and that plaque will forever stay inside their bunk. It is a reminder for years to come that they were here in summer 2022 and left their mark.  It is a reminder that you were here and you were part of the fabric of this amazing place. Well tonight was our night and it was incredible. The energy inside Shields Hall tonight was absolutely insane. It was a packed house and with every dance girls side performed, they were cheered on and encouraged by everyone inside the hall. It is an incredible sight to see an entire community come together in support of one another. Congratulations to tonights winners:

Best Plaques: Lower Camp Girls – Bunk C, Candy land / Upper Camp Girls – Bunk S, Squid Games

Best Plaques: Lower Camp Boys – Bunk B, Boo Bees / Upper Camp Boys – Bunk W, We Are The River

Best Dance: Lower Camp Girls – Bunk F, Fergalicios / Upper Camp Girls – Bunk W, We Are Royal Family Dancers

We have seen so many incredible performances over the years but tonights dance by our CIT’s (Bunk W) was incredible. These girls put on show unlike any we have seen. The crowd went crazy and stood on their benches screaming “W” after their performance. There was no doubt that this group of CIT’s left their mark.

There was such joy inside Shields Hall tonight. Tradition ran strong and there wasn’t a camper who didn’t have the time of their life being a part of true Chenny history. No matter if this is your 1st or 8th summer, you became part of this experience that forever bonds us together. Camp traditions like this define why there is just no place like Chenny.


The Simple Things

Where can you find a group of 14 year old boys sitting around a table playing card games for an hour? N0 phones, no Netflix, no distractions. Just 6 boys and a deck of cards and good conversation. I walked into the canteen and found this scene play out for me. I don’t know the game they were playing and it didn’t matter. It was the company they kept and how a deck of cards allowed these boys to find joy and humor and ultimately friendship in these moments that happen daily here.  You are just an ask away from sitting in a group of friends, making memories and connections that will ultimately impact your life in the most positive way. It’s the simple things that make the most impact and sometimes a game of Gin with your buddies can blow away all the video games they play alone at home. Our kids are hungry for these connections and it is joyful watching them dive in and play.

Congratulations to our first campers of the week of  Summer 2022. They are exceptional campers who have gone above and beyond being incredible friends, great listeners and all around good humans.

Freshman – Blair Amster & Tyler Lefkowitz

Juniors – Livi Pall & Sammy Heinl

Middies – Julia Feldman & Greg Katzenberg

Inters – Samantha Rosenthal & Max Bernstein

Collegiates – Bella Kovacs & Nick Einzig

Seniors – Mia Koenig & Tyler Sugarman

Supers – Sammy Simson & Justin  Ghorchian

GC’s – Addison Rubovitz & Alex Ichiuji

CIT’s – Sydney Geller & Charlie  Butler

“Just play. Have Fun. And enjoy the game.” Michael Jordan

Middy Boys Tennis – CAW 3 @ Wayne 2

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 3 @ Starlight 5

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 48 vs. Weequahic 14
Girls Middy Basketball – CAW 2 @ Starlight 3
Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 3 @ Starlight 6
The entire camp headed over to Biddy City  for tonights evening activity where we had a BMX bike show that took our breath away with stunts that defied gravity. The kids oooh’d and ahhhh’d and loved this very entertaining night. Bikes flying through the air and somehow landing right side up. It was a great summer night and it’s just still getting started.