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Run, Swim, Think, Repeat!

Boy’s side had their track meet today and girls side battled in the pool at their swim meet. The kids had so much fun as they relayed to their finish lines getting cheers, praise and encouragement for their hard work and effort. The spirit was high and heat was on.  It starts from our staff as they jump up and down cheering for the campers and that is infectious and it just catches on from there. There is so much positive energy in this camp, it is infectious, it is contagious and it is everywhere.

Knowing what Color War means to our campers, makes these 5 days not only emotional but significant in the entire summer journey they have been on. Every single camper is an integral piece to the whole and they each matter to the outcome. They wear their colors with pride and everyone on camp is putting  their heart into every match, game and meet. You can see it on their faces and feel it in their effort and hard work. Your kids are digging down deep and giving it all they got. You would be beyond proud of them. The cheers of victory are deafening and the anguish of defeat is real. This Color War matters to each of us and it is providing meaningful competition and pushing ourselves when we think we can’t, we are being encouraged knowing that WE CAN. When we think we’re tired, we get up and push harder. This ability to find that fire inside each one of us is an experience that will be with us forever. It will help define who we are and how we grow.

This Color War is so close and the teams are within a mere 10 points of each other. Red Retro Game Night has earned 2061 points with the Gold Video Gamers just a hair behind with 2051 points. It is anyones war as these teams head into Quiz night tonight. Tonight was all mental as campers and staff had to answer questions about anything and everything from pop culture to math equations to Camp Chen-A-Wanda facts and everything in between. All day, our bodies were challenged and tonight we stretched our minds.  There isn’t a camper or staff who isn’t giving it their all and pushing it to the limit. It is an outstanding Color War and with just 2 more days to go and the scores so close, it is anyones game. So here is to 2 more amazing days of exhaustion, exhilaration, competition and meaningful moments. We are making every single moment count until we get on those buses next Saturday and all head home. The end is nearing but there is more to do.

Never Ever Give Up..Ever!!!

It was a day full of games and every camper is giving it all they have. Color war brings out the competitor in all of us and you can feel it at every game. The sweat, the effort, the cheers drive us all to bring it and we do. When the Rookie girls were battling at their steal the bacon game, it ended in a tie. They had to go one more round to name the winner. It was all on the line and it was a race to the finish. Red and Gold were neck and neck and it was looking like it was headed for a double overtime when one camper on Gold team tripped and took a spill. The Red team seized on that moment and sealed the deal for the win. You could see the devastation of that camper who tripped and every one of her teammates rushed to her side telling her she did great and they knew how hard she tried. They all put their arms around her showing her support and love even in the face of defeat. They put their friend above a game and she felt supported. Even the campers on the Red team came over and hugged her and let her know what a great effort she gave. There will always be wins and losses but showing compassion and kindness stays with us and makes us better people.

The moment of today without question happened at Rope Burn. Rope burn is a long-standing camp tradition event that happens during color war. Boys build a fire and burn that rope while girls build a fire and boil the water. It’s Red vs Gold and it was an absolute nail biter. Gold boys jumped out quick and started their fire while Red boys just could not get their fire started. Whatever they tried to do it was not catching and they saw the Gold fire growing with each passing moment. The energy for the Gold team was equally on fire as it was looking like their rope was going to burn first. Red just wouldn’t give up. They stayed steady and focused. They just never gave up, ever! They heard the cheers coming from Gold and they saw Golds fire getting and bigger but they just wouldn’t throw in the towel, not tonight not ever. With a will to keep on going, Reds fire started to grow. They never gave up and though it was looking grim somehow it became neck and neck as both infernos were even in intensity. It was anyones game and Red just kept feeding their fire and wouldn’t stop. No matter how behind they were, they never gave up and in the end Red burned their rope first. The elation was felt by every camper who wore red. They celebrated together and felt a sense of pride that swept all throughout camp. Red won Rope burn, Gold won water boil and the energy was on fire!!! Such a fun night but most important, tonight showed us all that you just never give up, ever!!!

Color War Day 1 Fun!

There was excitement throughout camp as everyone was psyched to get the first day of color war underway. There was a sea of painted faces, Red & Gold pom poms, crazy wigs and lots of tutus. The spirit was running high and everyone was ready to go. It was off to the lower soccer field for Tugs of War. The coolest part of tugs of war isn’t the win or loss; it’s the visible sign on each campers face as to how bad they want it. It is effort, it is dedication, it is hard work and it is being a part of something bigger than you.  It is the essence of teamwork.

It was a great day full of Color War battle playing softball, newcomb, flag football, BBG, basketball, soccer, baseball, GaGa & steal the bacon.  There is a lot on the line and every game matters. From our Rookies to our GC’s, you play a part in every single point for your team. There is so much team spirit and support here. It’s all about sportsmanship, effort, heart and soul. What you put into these games, you get out tenfold.

It was Contest Night and it was electric. Lower camp raced their games inside Shields Hall as they had balloon races, tunnel crawls, potato sack races and so much more. The fun was off the charts and even if you weren’t racing, you were dancing, jumping around and just in the spirit of Color War. While upper camp raced outside on Shields Hall basketball court with their fun and outrageous races of hippity hop, flying turtles, wheel barrels and sack racing. The music was bumpin’ and the campers were so spirited that we just couldn’t help but have the biggest dance party ever. Even though we are in a battle, Red and Gold together were dancing & singing because that is exactly what we do here. It felt like a huge party that we didn’t want to end. The good vibes were all around and everyone was in the absolute best mood tonight. A night we wont forget and one we will forever try and replicate.

Both teams have proven how badly they want to win Color War and it’s only the first day. From intense psych speeches to all day chants and cheers, both Red & Gold are bringing everything they have to this Color War. This is looking to be one epic battle!

Even though we have just began Color War, camp is coming to an end and we are only one week away from our last day here and we plan to make every moment count. The energy in this place is off the hook. We hope the pictures and videos can truly translate what is happening inside our gates. It feels great to be a part of something so AWESOME.

We battle on tomorrow!


Red Retro Game Night vs. Gold Video Gamers – Color War Is Here!

All day, chatter around camp was about one thing, COLOR WAR!! The conversations were only about if today was that day and if breakout was happening. With each passing hour, anticipation grew. It was palpable and Color War was on everyones mind. Activities were under way but with each bugle, there was a suspicion that this was it. After snack call, everyone was on edge and it seemed like the wait was just pure agony for all who couldn’t wait any longer. But they would have to wait just a little bit more. We had a sing-a-long session in the Lodge as we all together sang at the top of our lungs. It was off to line up after dinner and with the announcements underway, you started to hear a drum line, that got louder and louder and louder and then the realization set in, THIS IS IT! Every camper ran to the drummers and they were jamming and oh so focused. They led the entire camp up the hill to our amphitheater. Just as everyone got settled in their seats, a helicopter flew by and dropped hundreds of foam gold and red balls and packaged cotton candy and it was AWESOME! It literally was raining red and gold. The drum line kept playing, the chopper kept flying by and then the red and gold smoke bombs took it to a new level. Color War is here and the excitement is felt by all. It’s Red Retro Game Night vs. Gold Video Gamers. A great theme for what is to be an awesome Color War 2021.

Everything about Color War brings out the best in each and every single person on camp. It allows us to be a part of a team, to fight for a common goal, to reach our own personal best, to support our friends, to celebrate our wins, to accept our defeats and to a part of something greater than ourselves. So for the next 5 days, we will be digging down deep, pushing ourselves and giving everything we’ve got. The road started tonight and we just cannot wait to see where it goes.

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

There are so many moments here at Camp that blow my mind and remind me how very special this experience is. The Chenny Shack is right out side my office and I often get to watch the kids as they make pizza or grill sitting at my desk. I have a front seat view to watch some pretty spectacular moments unfold right in front of me. As I was going through my emails, I couldn’t escape the delicious smell of fried rice that was being made right outside my office. I happily closed my computer and just sat and watched a group of GC boys stand around our hibachi cooktop, intently learning the techniques to make perfect fried rice. I could not hear what they were saying but every single boy had a smile on their face. A few of them had their arms around one another and then with the music bumping it turned into a dance party. There was food, friends, music and these boys were rocking out having an absolute ball. After they cooked their own food, they all sat down together and munched on the absolute best fried rice. The mood was contagious and everyone who passed the Shack was seeing what I was so intently tuned into – a group of 16year old boys cooking, spending time together and just loving it. When I see these moments, I have to stop and watch your children because I am in awe of just how happy they are. Great conversation, lots of inside jokes and a delicious bowl of homemade fried rice. It doesn’t get better then that.

Lights, Camera, Action…. It was our theater debut and it was FABULOUS. Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the gang did such an incredible job. It was everything you want in a production and our Frozen show was anything but cold. The kids worked so hard and dedicated themselves and it showed in a great performance. They sang, danced and acted into all our hearts tonight. Our performers shined bright on our stage tonight and they felt the love. We couldn’t have been more proud of our campers who entertained us with their talents. Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!