Chen-A-Wanda News

Lights Camera Action

It’s award time here at Chen-A-Wanda and time again to honor our Campers of the Week for being spectacular!! A ginormous congratulations to the following campers who are so deserving of this recognition.

Girls Side: Lyla Goldberg, Hailey Eichenbaum, Morgan Fischer, Julia Seilback, Lyla Miller, Marissa Holzman, Alex Bass, Kylie Ross, Haylin Roth, Lexi Heifler

Boys Side: Dylan Glenn, Cooper Rosen, Drew Kastin, Andrew Marcus, Jake Sklar, Ashton Shibla, Jason Marks, Zach Morris, Landon Miller, Jake Weiss & Chrlie Marcus

Freshman/Junior Boys Basketball CAW 21 vs. Wayne 30

Middy Boys Baseball CAW 7 vs. Wayne 11

Supers Boys Baseball CAW 0 vs Westmont 11

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 4  @ Wayne 3 – Chenny wins Championship

It was the showtime tonight and our actors were ready to perform. The stage was set, audience was ready and the cast was excited to put on an incredible show and that is exactly what they did. It was a Broadway review that was absolutely incredible. Songs and performances from The little Mermaid, Legally Blonde and more. These campers poured their hearts and souls into the show and it showed. They sang and danced and the spotlight was shining bright on each one of our talented kids tonight. The show was fabulous, entertaining and most importantly, the kids had the absolute best time performing for camp. It was another an incredible night surrounded by amazing people and supporting one another in the best possible way. How we all love this place and how it just feels so good being here. Congratulations to our cast tonight. They are superstars!!!


OBL at Chenny

A brunch wakeup is always welcomed by everyone and it was so needed. The campers strolled into the Lodge and dined on a great assortment of delicious breakfast/lunch buffet options. The weather was ideal, not too hot, not too cool – but just right. Fields were full of happy kids and camp was just buzzing today. It was one of those days where everyone was in a great mood and camp just hd good vibes.

“The more you dream, the farther you will get.” – Michael Phelps
Super Boys Soccer CAW 0 @ Westmont 9
Senior/Super Lacrosse CAW 4 @ Starlight 5
GC/CIT Boys Hockey CAW 4 @ Wayne 6
Super Girls Softball  CAW 1 @ Starlight 4
GC/CIT Girls Basketball CW 23 vs Morasha 32
GC/CIT Girls Softball Won vs Poyntelle 5-1 @ Home  Moved onto the finals vs starlight

It was OBL night at CAW and it was incredible. This 1v1 tournament is a hit with everyone at Chenny and I personally (along with OBL creator Tracy McGrady) couldn’t be more excited. We face timed Tracy during the competition so he could he see how his idea of creating a 1v1 league has literally taken off here at Chenny and the NBA Hall of Famer loved watching it happen. The 1v1 trend is real and the kids got behind their counselors who were playing to represent their division. There was a mens bracket and women’s too. Biddy City was popping’ with 1v1 basketball tonight under the lights. It was so much fun watching the kids cheer for their counselors who were playing for them. Each division supported their favorite player with cheers and chants and of course signs they made by hand. One thing we do right here is get behind and support our camp family. We are just the most supportive group of people Ive ever been around. Both campers and staff were so excited cheering on their person. It was electric. One on one basketball is a huge hit here and tonights evening activity was a slam dunk

Our House Is Whole

The band is back together and all our traveling campers and staff have returned. It’s a full house again and we couldn’t be more excited. there is so much to celebrate was we officially enter our last 2 weeks of this glorious summer we are experiencing. It feels great to have the big kids back and they rolled into camp exhausted and exhilarated. Girl side jumped right into Girls Sing practice and camp just felt back to normal. Our traveling kids had the absolute best time on the road but there is nothing quite like coming home.

Collegiate Boys Lacrosse CAW 2 vs Starlight 8
Collegiates/Seniors Went to Lokanda Cup Lost vs Lokanda 6-4, Won against Tyler hill 3-2 and Lost to Timber Lake in the semis 4-1
Inter Girls Lacrosse CW 4 @ Blue Ridge 10
Our big kids hit the bed early as they were exhausted from all their travels and the rest of camp had an incredible night in Shields with our second Camper Talent Show of the summer. There is so much talent here at Chenny, we needed an entire additional night to highlight our kids and they were fabulous. They stood on that stage, danced, sang, told jokes, diablo’d, jammed with their rock band and were all around amazing. These kids, your kids, blew our minds away with the courage it takes to put themselves out there without fear and perform in front of an entire packed hall. The best part just went watching the kids who took that stage tonight but everyone in the audience who showered them with love and appreciation. They were all part of the show too. They brought the energy and it was felt by everyone in the hall tonight. It didn’t matter who was up there, they got cheers and standing ovations. The smiles said it all. When kids exited the stage they were met their bunk mates who couldn’t wait to shower them with adoration. The kids who performed for us tonight were superstars and that is exactly how they felt. Even singing off key didnt disrupt neon’s confidence. We were all riding high from the energy we all felt. Just another reason to all in love with this police.
It’s Just Plain Awesome!!!!


It was just another incredible day at Chenny. Camp looked and felt amazing as we were outside playing under the gorgeous bright sun. As we are approaching the last 2 weeks of camp, we are appreciating every single moment we have here and making every day count.

Freshmen/Junior Boys Hockey CAW won a Wayne County Championship 8-5!

Freshman/Junior Boys Baseball CAW 3 @ Wayne 12
Middy Boy Basketball CAW 21 @ Wayne 18
Inter Girls Softball  CAW 20  @ Starlight 21
Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer  CAW 8 vs Westmont 1
Collegiate Girls Lacrosse  CAW 3 vs Westmont 8

Halloween in July, Why Not??  We were all so into our Halloween costume parade as each camper strutted their stuff down the catwalk. They showed off their ghostly creations and creative costumes. Everyone was in on the fun and loving celebrating Halloween-A-Wanda together. After the parade, it was off to trick or treat and campers went station to station and they filled up their bags with oodles of treats. In true Chenny tradition, the Seniors made a haunted house that spooked and creeped out everyone who dared to enter. It was just a great night of fun and there wasn’t anyone on camp who didn’t enjoy it.

The big kids all come back today and then our summer house will be whole again. As we look to the last 2 weeks here, it’s crazy how fast it went but we aren’t going to waste a second, minute or moment of what is left.  We plan on getting everything out of summer 2022 we possibly can. More fun is to be had and more memories are to be made.


Freshman, Junior & Middies  spent their day at Camel Beach for some fun in the water park. It was perfect weather and we took advantage of this great day.  They swooshed down the toilet bowl, got lazy down the lazy river, slipped down the slip and slide and got bounced off the giant bungee blob. Our littlest kids had a big day out of camp.

Inters, Collates and Seniors had an absolute blast at Aquatopia, a giant indoor water park that took them to new heights. They campers went on ride after ride after ride and had an absolute incredible day.  It was a full day in the water and our campers loved every minute of their Aquatopia adventure.

Our oldest 3 divisions are all enjoying their fabulous trips. Supers are loving their time in Virginia Beach. It was a beach and shopping day for these campers. An absolute perfect day. The GC’s and CIT’s are winding down as they wrap up their west coast adventure with a chill day at the pool in Phoenix. The trip of a lifetime for these kids and they all deserve a summer like this. Were just so happy to give it to them.

All the campers are safe and sound back in their bunks, all exhausted from an amazing day out. What a successful  trip day, full of memories that will last a lifetime. Your children were absolutely fantastic and every place our Chenny kids were today, we received praise on how well behaved and respectful our campers are.  Gotta love that.