Chen-A-Wanda News

This is Chenny Idol

Time again to honor our kind campers and boy do they love hearing their names being called. It has to be my most favorite award here at camp. To be nominated by your peers for your kindness is an honor that defines great character. To be identified as kind is to be inclusive and supportive and the examples your children write about their friends they nominate warms my heart. It actually gives us great hope that this generation chooses kindness and can recognize acts of kindness that promote inclusion and just making others around them feel really good. Kindness is contagious and we love it. It’s cool to be kind at Camp Chen-A-Wanda. So super proud of our kind kids this week. Roxie Bishop, Alexa Becker, Sophie Hornik, Mandy Adler, Caylee Garland, Jordyn Kapusta, Jordana Yatch, Madison Rosen, Hadley Cohen, Jessica Marks, Averie Katz, Hayden Bergerm Remo Zaben, Ben Brandoff, Aiden Cheung, Tyler Roth, Jordan Shamus and Jake LaRosa

What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player….. by John Wooden

Freshman/Junior Boys baseball – CAW 6 @ Westmont 2

Middy Boys Hockey – CAW 4 vs. Westmont 5

GC/CIT Boys Softball – CAW 9 vs. Tioga 3

The buzz around camp today was all about Chenny Idol. The auditions are done and tonight we announced the Top 10. The excitement was building and the campers were feeling it. We have so many incredibly talented kids here – they blew us away with their beautiful voices and amazing auditions. Each one of our Top 10 contestants will move on to the live show where they will perform one song in hopes to be crowned our 2019 Chenny Idol. The competition was tough but our celebrity judges finalized who would move on to the live show. A huge congratulations to this years Top 10!

  1. Lexi Klein & Audrey Winter
  2. Dylan Bass
  3. Emma Goldenberg
  4. Maya Knobloch
  5. Addy Goldstein
  6. Jessica Marks
  7. Sydney Gurewicz
  8. Isabella Huttner & Hadley Cohen
  9. Rock Paper Scissors – Elon Dagan, Sean Pesner & Jordan Goldklang
  10. Laine Bishop

We lift each other up here and that happens on the daily. As the kids were headed back to the bunk, some of the kids who auditioned but didn’t make it to the finals were being supported bu their bunkmates. I overheard several campers say to their friends how great they were and much they loved their voice. One little girl asked her friend to sing her to sleep tonight because she has such a pretty voice. It’s what happens here – total and complete support of one another. We have each other’s back for the highs and the lows. It is why camp friends understand us better than most and why these friendships are life-long.

Chenny out


Too Much Fun Trip Day

There is something quite special about heading out of camp on trips with your campies. Everyone is wearing their camp shirts and we all load the buses to some amazing fun places. It unifies us as a group as we exit our gates for some fantastic adventures. Each group had a ball today as they enjoyed themselves beyond imagination.

Our Cherokee campers (Freshman,Juniors and Middies) had a great day at the State park as they played in the lake, tossed the ball around, relaxed on their towels, listened to music and spent a perfect afternoon soaking in the sun. A little rain moved in so it was off to a bowling alley followed by a roller skating party. The fun just never ended for our littles. They rolled back into camp and were exhausted from a daw spent well.

Inters thru GC’s spent their trip day at Dorney Park. It was a full day of coasters and rides that the kids enjoyed. Nothing says summer quite like a day at an amusement park.  Our campers just had the absolute best day at Dorney. As the kids rolled back into camp and off the buses, they were exhausted but so beyond happy. The kids looked beat but exhilarated, tired yet satisfied. A perfect long and fun day.

The CIT’s spent their day off at Ithaca and Cornell.  It’s never too early to scout colleges and Cornell set the bar very high. These raising Juniors were so impressed with the University that studying for their upcoming SAT’s and ACT’s is on their minds.. But first they have to continue enjoying the summer. Plenty of time for school after camp ends but they loved seeing Cornell and hanging in Ithaca. They have the college bug.

All campers are back at camp safe and sound and exhausted from their fun day out. We have a late wake up tomorrow to get some extra zzzzz’s and enjoy a an extra 45 minutes of sleep. The kids went bonkers when we announced it on their buses and cheered in appreciation. Morale is high here and the next big celebration is when you all come to join us on Saturday. Visiting Day is just 4 days away and we all can’t wait.

Chenny out.


Chenny Carnival

It was a brunch wake up today and we all LOVED the extra sleep. After an intense 3 days of Olympic Battle, we needed the sleep in. The bugle rang at 9:30 am this am but I was on my deck at 8:45am and camp has never been that silent  at that time. I was blown away by the quiet but so happy that the kids were able to recharge and sleep in for another incredible day that lay ahead of them.  After a delicious brunch, it was off to the Carnival for one amazingly fun day. There were dunk tanks, carnival games, water slides, climbing tower, inflatable obstacle courses, snow cones, cotton candy and so much more. The weather was hot the vibe was amazing and it was a perfect day to head to a carnival. It’s a camp tradition to give away Carnival T-shirts on this special day and this years was a huge hit. There is something special about everyone wearing the same awesome camp T-shirt. Brings us all together.

After dinner it was time for Camp of The Week. We love honoring our standout kids. It’s a big deal to receive this honor and we hope you feel the pride at home at just how awesome your kids are. Congratulations to our Campers of the week.

Freshmen:  Olivia Steinberg & Ryan Katz
Juniors:  Noah Dagan & Brady Cotler
Middies:  Jordana Gomez & Cade McClure
Inters . Charley Halpern & Evan Benisch
Coll:  Jordyn Fersko & Jacob Coffman
Senior:  Devon Brodie & Ari Hirshfield
Super:  Ava Cahn & Holden Baris
GC:  Maya Grill & Brett Saks
CIT . Sydney Aranoff & Adam Caplan
It was a round robin evening activity with each division doing something special. Movies and cookie making, wiffle balls and dodgeball. It was so perfectly said by a freshman girl who was walking back to her bunk for bed as she said to her friend, ” I just can’t pick my favorite part of today, It was all so much fun.”  I happened to be there at that perfect moment to hear her utter those words. The sweetness of her voice was was matched by the incredible message she said. What we all want for our children, having their days filled with all good parts.
Chenny out.

It All Came Down To Sing!

Talk about twists and turns and lead changes by the minute. This Olympics was beyond unexpected and who was leading in the morning dropped by lunch. There was so much movement with the leader board, we couldn’t keep up and the anticipation was just so much. Olympics is tradition and it is something that campers did here decades ago and still do today. Traditions are what connects us all to this place and to one another. Camp traditions are bigger than each of us but has become the thread to our shared experiences here. To go through an Olympics together bonds us to one another. For the past 3 days, every camper dug deep and gave it their all to contribute for a win for their team. New friendships were made and connections deepened. To think that a kickball game or a waterpolo match brings so many people closer together is why we love Olympics.

The Olympic games ended as all three teams presented their songs, banner and plaque inside Shields Hall. Each team presented their Cheer, March and their Alma Mater and the words of Gold Australia said it so beautifully in their Alma Mater…. ” Can’t believe there’s only 4 weeks left to go. Wishing that we could rewind and that time would move slow. Just can’t imagine what my life was without you and when we split apart I don’t know what I will do.”  These words are from the heart and everyone feels it. It is why this experience means so much to us all. When you let camp in, it overtakes your heart and changes who you are.

Now it was in the hands of judges as the decision of who would win Olympics 2019 was about to be announced. Shields Hall was packed with our campers dressed head to toe in their team colors waiting on bated breath and all at the edge of their seats. The time had come and the judges raced on scooters to a photo finish as Blue crossed the finish line. It was Blue Argentina who took the Gold tonight!!! This was one close race.

Final Scores:

  • Blue Argentina – 2026
  • Gold Australia – 1991
  • Red Norway – 1858

What we learned from these games were that we all played hard, respected the game, supported each other and believed that in the end it wasn’t just about getting the win but being there for one another. Two and half days ago, we began as Red Norway, Gold Australia and Blue Argentina and tonight we are back to One Camp Family.

Chenny out.

Day Full of Olympic Games

We are in full competition mode and everyone is loving every minute of our Olympic games. There is so much spirit in the air and each team is putting their heart and soul into every battle. There are wins and losses, there are cheers and chants and above all there is a respect for the game. From steal the bacon to flag football games, the day was packed with such great competitions.  The kids just played their hearts out today and worked so hard for a common goal – to bring home points for their team. We congratulate those who have brought home a victory and support the teams that may have lost their games today. It is having respect for one another that makes these Olympics Games so magnificent.

Tonight was all about Apache Relay. Each team has 75 events to complete and the first team to finish will be crowned the winner of the Relay. The horn blew and the race began and every single member counted tonight. No matter if you were being wrapped with toilet paper or having to leap frog from the lake to Arts & Crafts you matter. No matter how big the event was or how small, it was equally significant to being a part of this team event.Every member of each team is an integral part of the race. No matter if you are a Freshman or a CIT, your parts are equally important. This event emphasizes the importance of doing your part to get to a greater goal. Events like Apache bring us together. I was watching a CIT girl carry a freshman boy on her back running from the Lodge to the New Court.  These two campers didn’t know one another before the race but they sure do now. This event brings us all closer to one another. It defines what a camp family looks and feels like.  It was a great night and one that we wont’t soon forget. Red Norway crossed the finish line first tonight with Blue Argentina not too far behind and Gold Australia bringing in 3rd place. It was exciting to be here and being a part of  Apache is like no other experience as we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. Just pure awesomeness.

After a full day of games, our Olympic athletes were glad to get to bed. They know that the battle continues tomorrow with more games and ends with Olympic Sing.  There can only be one winner. Red Norway Blue Argentina and Gold Australia are all determined to bring home the Win but if you are familiar with Olympics, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO SING!!!

Chenny out.