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CIT Sweep

The sun was out in full force today, and the excitement was palpable. Every corner of  camp was buzzing with happy campers. From ATVs to gaga and everything in between, campers were all smiles, clearly appreciating a day spent outside playing with friends. We’ve been here for just over a week, and everyone has settled into their routine. Waking up to bugles and heading into the Lodge for breakfast in our pajamas feels like second nature, as if we’ve been doing it together for much longer than nine days. The day was as close to perfect as perfect can get. Seeing our campers engaged, happy, connected, and at ease fills our hearts with joy. We hope that the pictures and videos capture this story—that your children are engaged, happy, and thriving.

Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 13 vs. Starlight 0

GC/CIT Girls Softball – CAW 3 vs. Starlight 1

Inter Boys LAX – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 8

Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 1

IT WAS A CIT SWEEP tonight and they deserved it. CIT Boys won for Plaque and girls won Plaque and Song. From their costumes, to their make-up to the most phenomenal dance we have ever seen here at Chenny. They were mesmerizing. This group of incredible young women blew the roof off Shields Hall. The work and effort they put into their performance mirrors their dedication and loyalty to one another and their campers. It is a group that came together so beautifully and created a work of art. They are the best of the best and deserved the Win. All so different and all so dedicated to this experience and now the campers they take care of.  The tears were running down their faces as they came to the realization that tonight was the last Sign & Song of their camper career.  It was a night they will never forget. Our beautiful CIT’s dominated the stage tonight and shared their love of Chenny with us all. Before the winner was announced, everybody in the hall was chanting, “CIT’s, CIT’s”. It was obvious to everyone who would bring home the W and this group of girls left their mark on that stage. What a way to start off their final year here as campers. It’s the beginning of the end and their beginning has been oh so sweet.

There is more to do, lots more camp to get to and we are here for it. We are living free and loving it!


Lower Camp Sign & Song

The sun was out and the heat was high. It was the kind of day that you want to jump in the lake and pool.  Every area of camp was full of happy campers. From ATV’s to gaga and everything in between was full of campers who had smiles on their faces and a sense of appreciation to be outside all day long playing with their friends. We have been here for just over a week and everyone has settled into their routine. Waking up to bugles and heading into the Lodge for breakfast in our jammies is what we do and feels like we’ve been doing this together for a lot longer than 9 days. The day was as close to perfect as perfect can get. When we see our campers engaged, happy, connected and at ease, there is nothing that fills a parents heart more than that. We hope that the pictures and videos tell the story of how it  truly feels from the inside. Your children are engaged, happy, connected, at ease and feeling free.

We had a full day of games and matches  and are super proud of all our hardworking talented Chenny athletes.

Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Starlight 2

Freshman/Junior Boys Basketball – CAW 19 vs. Starlight 27

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 8

Inter Boys Soccer  – CAW 3 vs. Lohikan 0

Inter Boys Softball – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 5

Middy Boys Basketball – CAW 31 vs. Starlight 39

Collegiate Boys Soccer – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 6

Senior/Super Boys Hockey CAw 7 vs. Wayne 3

The night belonged to our long-standing Chenny tradition, Sign & Song. This is night where each bunk creates a plaque with every name of every camper and counselor living in that bunk which will be hung there for the rest of time. In every bunk there are plaques that date back decades and gives us a window to what it was like back then and it mirrors what will be for kids coming through Chenny now. For the first time in Chenny history, we split Sign and Song tinto two nights;  one night for lower camp and one for upper camp. Tonight was all about our adorable and amazing lower camp showing off their plaques and girls side bringing the swagger with their incredible dances.  After plaque presentation, it was the Song portion of the night and this is where each bunk on Girls side performs a dance that they have been working on since they arrived at camp. Each bunk got up on that stage and danced their hearts out. From our cutest and most adorable Freshman all the way through the talented Inters, they rocked the house and had a ball. As each girls bunk danced with smiles on their faces, boys side stood on their seats with standing ovations. When one of us takes the stage, everyone at Chenny is there to back them up. This is why we call ourselves a family in every sense of the word, we are!!. Congratulations goes to tonights winners:

Lower Camp Boys Plaque Winner goes to Bunk M

Lower Camp Girls Plaque Winner goes to Bunk K

Lower Camp SONG goes to the ladies of Bunk O

Sign and Song is more than just an event at Camp Chen-A-Wanda; it’s a vital part of the camp experience that fosters creativity, teamwork, confidence, and camp spirit. This long standing camp tradition creates lasting memories and campers learn valuable life skills and become part of a cherished tradition that defines the essence of Camp Chen-A-Wanda. All of the kids who danced on our stage tonight are part of a long history of camp traditions and have left their mark here. It was a remarkable night for Lower Camp and the anticipation for tomorrow evenings Upper Camp  Sign & Song is felt all throughout camp. We cannot wait to see our big kids put on a show. Have I mentioned how Great Life is at Chenny????





Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Starlight 2

Freshman/Junior Boys Basketball – CAW 19 vs. Starlight 27

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 2 vs. Wayne 8

Inter Boys Soccer  – CAW 3 vs. Lohikan 0

Inter Boys Softball – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 5

Middy Boys Basketball – CAW 31 vs. Starlight 39

Collegiate Boys Soccer – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 6

Senior/Super Boys Hockey CAw 7 vs. Wayne 3


I Did It!

There is that moment when a camper who is struggling with homesickness turns the corner and it’s truly a remarkable moment. Getting through those harder times signifies their resilience, allows for a level of confidence to build and a strength in adapting to new environments. Witnessing a camper overcome homesickness is a true testament to their strength and ability to navigate through tough moments. It is magic when it happens and today one of our campers who was having a rough start, ran to me at snack call and said, “I think it’s over and I think I did it”. Followed up with the biggest and most authentic smile. Then she walked away with 3 new friends she made this week. During this first week, she would seek me out and ask, “When will this feeling go away?” and “I just can’t do it and need to go home”. And now that same camper who doubted herself and was convinced she needed to go home, tried out for the dance team today and is not looking back. She was right, she did it and the only way to get through homesickness, is to go through it and when you come out on the other side it feels so sweet. We all knew she could do it and now she too knows she can do hard things. This lesson will live inside of her forever. No matter how hard it was, and it was hard for her, she did something that she thought she couldn’t. She walked into that dance team audition with a pep in her step, a smile on her face and with three new friends by her side. Life lessons that go way beyond summer camp.

Sports, Sports and More Sports.

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 6 vs. Lohikan 2

Super Girls Basketball – CAW 38 vs. Wayne 12

GC/CIT Girls LAX – CAW 5 vs. Starlight 2 (game was played 7/4)

GC/CIT Girls Soccer – CAW 5 vs. Westmont 1

Senior/Super Boys LAX – CAW 11 vs. Lohikan 5

Super Boys Soccer – CAW 0 vs. Wayne 9

GC/CIT Boys Baseball- CAW 1 vs. Starlight 10

The talk throughout camp today as all about tonight’s evening activity, Chenny Jam. It was Girls side vs. Boys side and the competition was fierce. There was a lot on the line, as this intense staff basketball game would bring pride to either Boys side or Girls side. Boys side thought they had it in the bag after their Wiffle Cup win and their confidence was high. Girls side was dressed in pink and boys side wore all black. Team spirit was contagious and the energy was just insanity. This game was more fun that any NBA game we’ve ever been at.  The game was close the whole way through with both sides bringing it tonight. There were several score changes but with an intense second half, GIRLS SIDE claimed victory tonight.   Actually, everyone won because the fun was off the charts to make this night, a camp favorite. The fun we have at Chenny has to be illegal. When a staff basketball game makes your kids feel like they are part of the action and integral to what is happening on the court, WE ARE WINING!!

After a full week of camp, LIFE IS GREAT at Chenny.





Fireworks at Chenny; A Magical Night

July 4th at Camp Chen-A-Wanda is a highlight of our summer, a tradition that embodies the magic of camp life. It’s a night when we come together to experience  the beauty of the night sky, creating memories that will last us all a lifetime. The anticipation is palpable as we wait for the first firework to burst into the sky.  The fireworks display is not just about the spectacle; it’s about this  shared experience, the anticipation, the beauty, the music, the singing and the energy of this night that makes it so incredibly special. As we all gathered under the stars, watching the fireworks light up the sky, we saw your kids look up with pure joy and true wonder. It’s these moments that define our time at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and create a tapestry of memories that we all cherish forever. We know that your kids will remember nights like this one forever.

And we know for many of our campers, this is their first experience watching fireworks in such a special setting and their faces said it all. There is noting quite like having a full house, all staring into the sky with pure wonder and so much joy every time the sky lit up. The oohs and ahhs from the crowd add to the magic, as every camper and staff member is entranced by the dazzling display. It’s a visual and emotional experience that left everyone in awe no matter if you are 7 or 57.

After the night was over and  the campers were headed back down the hill, a junior boy came over to me and said, ” This was the best night of camp so far.” I knew exactly what he meant. It was a night that will stand out as a remarkable night in Sumner 2024.

Spending the 4th of July with your kids is one of the greatest gifts we receive each and every summer. Our cup is full.

Life is Great

If you brought out a deck of cards and told your kids that’s what they’d be playing with for hours on end, day after day, would you ever think they’d go for it? Not in my house either. But here at camp, there’s something magical about a deck of cards that can entertain children all summer long. Three boys were sitting at a picnic table in center camp and they were teaching me a card game called Palace.  They were so excited to teach me, each proudly going over all the rules. They knew this game inside and out and eagerly shared their strategies. We sat playing this awesome game that engaged our minds and captured our attention for 30 minutes. When I asked if they played this at home, all three looked at me,  and said, “We never play card games at home, we only play here at camp”.  Time flew by, filled with laughs and tons of stories and  I was struck by the simplicity of it all. It wasn’t about the latest video games and we weren’t staring at a screen, it was just us and a deck of cards. When life is simplified, life is simple and for that 30 minutes we tuned out the world and tuned into our game of Palace.  When the kids come home, break out a deck of cards, and ask your kids to teach you Palace. You wont regret it.

Inter Girls Softball – CAW 4 vs. Starlight 0 (Miranda Siegel pitched a no hitter)

Inter Boys Baseball – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 8

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 53 vs. Poyntelle 26

Senior Boys Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 4

Camp is where we shine, and tonight, we were as bright as the sun as our campers took the stage for the Camper Talent Show. With 31 acts performing, it was no small feat, but our Chenny audience was overwhelmingly supportive, cheering proudly and loudly for their talented friends. Imagine being 8 years old and singing solo as a packed house sings along with you. That initial shaky voice quickly grew stronger with each note. Looking out at an audience that’s rocking out, clapping, and singing along gives you a confidence that stays with you forever.

To witness these moments is to see the best in our kids. Every year, this evening activity restores my faith in how good we are to one another and how brave we are to get up on that stage. One camper, who came to camp so very shy, stood center stage and danced by herself —something she probably thought she could never do but she did. She faced her fear, took a deep breath, stepped onto that stage and had her moment. These moments will stay with your kids forever. We are incredibly proud of every camper who had the courage to share their talent with us and equally proud of the audience for their unwavering and enthusiastic support. Way to go, Chenny Kids!