Chen-A-Wanda News

SuperStar Day

The Seniors, Supers and GC’s spent their morning at the largest paint ball course in North America. They geared up and got busy paint balling.  It was the last trip of the summer and it was a blast. When the buses rolled back into camp, we all knew that for the next 10 days it is the homestretch of summer 2021.

Since the big kids were out, the Rookies thru Collegiates had a very special day of their own here on camp. It was SuperStar day and it was a blast. They competed in a variety of challenges. There was Biddy City Lay Up Challenge, Dribbling Contest, Round the World Shot Contest, Obstacle Course, Relay Races, Run the bases, Throwing Strike Challenge and a true Ninja Warrior Course. The entire day was full of challenges, races and obstacles courses that were beyond fun. It was an incredible day of competition and fierce fun.

The night belonged to Boys side as the put on quite a show with Boys Lip Sync 2021.  We often hear from parents that they just can’t imagine their boys getting up on stage performing a dance in front of the entire camp. Every single boy on camp came together with their division and performed an absolutely incredible performance tonight.  From the cutest and most adorable Rookies through the hilariously talented GC’s, these boys put on a show that blew our minds. The entire Shields Hall was mesmerized as they watched, clapped and sang along with the boys on stage. I looked out at the crowd who all had smiles from ear-to-ear as they supported each other. Girls side was loving it as they cheered on boys side. It is the absolute best part of camp watching the support we give each other. We call it Chenny Pride but call it whatever you want, it is how we become family to one another. To see boys let loose, dance in front a packed house with such confidence and joy is awe-inspiring. They let go and felt free – this type of outlet for our boys is just plain beautiful and it is what camp is all about. What a night we all had and to add an extra special moment that nobody will forget, we had the most incredible Color War Fakeout. A combination of Nancy Tucker & Gary Shields (both Camp Legends) gave us a Fakeout that was AWESOME!!!!! For those who don’t yet know Nancy and Gary, you will and your kids sure do. It was a moment in summer 2021 that was beyond memorable and gave us some incredible Color War excitement!!!

As hard as it was to pick a winner tonight, lower camp winner went to the Juniors and upper camp was a unanimous decision as the GC’s brought down the house and earned the Win!!  An insanely fun night was had by all..Though camp may be nearing the end, there is so much more to do!!!

Jacks, Cards and Mad Libs

If you were to bring out a deck of cards, jacks and mad libs and told your kids this is what he/she and their friends will play with for hours on end day after day, would you ever think they would go for it? Not in my house either, but there is something about a deck of cards, jacks and mad libs in this house that can entertain your children all summer long. Collegiate girls brought out their jacks and had a tournament at free play on the porch of the fitness center. They sat around playing, laughing, telling stories as they played jacks. The conversation was hilarious, the tournament was fun and the time spent together is why our camp friends are our best friends. Where else would you find twenty 13 year old girls entertained for an hour playing jacks while conversing about that cute boy at snack call and how awesome the silent disco was the other night and of course trying guess when Color War is breaking out. Life is simple and easy up here and relationships are built on moments like these. No phones to distract us. No social media to worry about. Just sitting around being ourselves and playing jacks. I sat and watched these amazing girls until I had to jump in myself and join the fun. So it was me and the girls playing jacks, gabbing away and having a ball. As crazy as my day is running camp, a twenty minute jacks game was exactly what I needed. It was definitely my favorite part of the day.

There were games and tournaments galore today. Girls side Seniors vs. Supers went hard today at their basketball game and had a great time. We have some serious athletes in these divisions and they all loved the competition. Our freshman thru Middy girls had their own soccer tournament today. The fields were full and the campers loved it. Boys side did their thing too with some basketball and flag football games. Older boys went hard on the soccer field and the competition was fierce. Chenny kids brought their best today and it was just another incredible day.

The night blew our minds, literally. How can we possibly describe the evening activity we all experienced tonight. Chris the Mentalist read our minds and took our breath away. He knew what we were thinking and did things you just had to say, HUH??? The entire Shields Hall was just stunned at what he did and how he knew things. It was UNREAL and every camper walked out scratching their head wondering how in the world did that guy do that??? An awesome show and an end to a great day at Chenny!

Life inside Chenny is just so GREAT!!

Feeling Free

It’s an odd feeling being so removed from reality when you are here at camp and it is especially strange when we know what is the current climate outside our gates. Inside camp, there is no covid talk or worry about raising numbers or variants. It doesn’t exist here. Your children are outside playing, holding hands with their friends as they run to their next activity. After one biddy basketball tournament, it’s off to a flag football game. Your kids are free and have been living a life that doesn’t include the pandemic world we all were living. We have 12 more days to play without a worry in the world. We created a space, carved out in the most beautiful landscape that is safe for your children to just be kids. To literally run and jump and play all day. We won’t waste a moment of these next 12 days here and your children are embracing every day. You can see it on their faces and feel it in the energy here. We may not recall every activity we did or remember every detail that happened here at camp but you can’t forget the way you feel when you are here. That stays with you way after summer is over. Our hope is that when the kids are back at home and dealing with whatever we all may be facing, they can remember the way they felt over their summer at Chenny and it will put a smile on their face. That they spent their summer feeling free and connected. There has been no bigger joy for all of us watching your kids feel this free. It inspires us everyday.

It was a bit chilly tonight on camp with rain coming and going so it was a perfect movie night for our Rookies thru Inters. They got all cozied up in their jammies or comfy clothes, brought blankets and enjoyed a movie in Shields Hall. They munched on their canteen while watching a summer blockbuster. Our older kids had a cupcake wars and a game truck party with hibachi at the Chenny Shack.

Just a great night for everyone on camp and it’s not over yet. 1,2,3,4 they all want Color war!!!!!!!





Circus Came to Chenny

The sun was out and the day was incredible. It is as if we all now our time here is numbered in days so we are doing every activity, we are playing every game and we are getting it all in before August 14th. With only two weeks to go, life continues to be great up here and the smiles on your children’s faces say it all.  But it’s just not time yet to pack our bags because….. 1, 2, 3, 4 we want a Color War. The chatter is here and Color War is definitely in the air. We inadvertently (or not) blew a few wrong bugles today and every camper picked up on it. The Color War vibe has arrived at Chenny and it’s just the beginning.

A GIANT congratulations to this weeks Campers of the Week. They earned the recognition and we are so proud our kids who talk the talk and walk the walk. They keep on spreading joy and good vibes all throughout camp.

Rookies – Stephanie Sklar & Jesse Lederman

Freshman – Mia Kepke & Lucas Pillersdorf

Junior – Brooke Arenberg & Brody Adler

Middies – Ava Mallin & Nate Wellikoff

Inters – Maya Porat & Cole Rand

Collegiates – Sammy Simson & Jason Benisch

Seniors – Abby Isaacson & Austin Levitz

Supers – Ellie Kertzner & Jack Komson

GC’s – Taylor Diamond & Griffin Gurewicz

Boy did we put on a show tonight as our Circus show took our breath away.We had tumblers and acrobats, adagios and lyra performances. There were single trapezes and spanish web and our kids dazzled us with their abilities on the triple trapeze and the big rig too. To watch our kids create a performance that defies gravity and takes total 100% concentration and are able to execute with such ease and grace is a testament to our Circus Directors and specialists. Heather, Andrew, Parker, KJ, Zahara and Virgil produced a show that was INCREDIBLE. From start to finish our minds were blown as we watched our kids do things that they only learned here at camp. They were brave and fierce, talented and composed.  You just can’t imagine how spectacular your kids were as they were the main acts. To watch you kids pour their heart and soul into this program and show us all what dedication looks like is truly what its all about. There is nothing they can’t do when they apply themselves and try until they nail it. So many kids may look at that huge trapeze and see it’s enormity as something they can’t do but this summer, our campers saw what they can do and we could not be more proud of each one of them. So many kids in the audience were in awe and said to me afterwards that next year they DEFINITELY trying out for the Circus show. They soared tonight and literally flew to new heights. They worked so hard and it showed. The show was phenomenal, funny, entertaining, electric and just awesome. Here is to our incredible team who taught our children to dream big and fly high!!!!!




Girls Sing

The entire day was dedicated to Girls Sing and it was spectacular. The pride, the joy and the honor of this camp tradition is felt by everyone on camp. Each division worked so hard and it showed. When boys side sat in awe for 2 hours, you know it was entertaining and awesome. The support boys side gives girls side is just breathtaking. From our adorable Rookies through our crazy talented GC’s they all brought the house down. I could never bring justice to describing the bonds these girls have with one another but watching them up on stage perform together allows us all to witness it for ourselves.  They have all created a sisterhood that will follow them throughout their lives. The decision to pick winners was beyond difficult and after an agonizing decision from our male Head Staff judges, Inters won for lower camp and Supers won for upper camp. Congratulations to both divisions who just did amazing tonight. From the alma maters to the dances and from the costumes to the choreography, tonight was insane. Girl’s side rocked it.

Though the GC’s didn’t win tonight, they pulled on every heartstring in Shields Hall. They brought us all to tears with their emotional performance and ended the show with such grace and dignity. Tonight was their last Girls Sing and they opened their hearts and souls to us. You could have heard a pin drop during their performance. As they finished their performance they sat side by side, hand in hand singing their last alma mater. You could actually feel the bonds they have built with each other  and their love for one another took center stage. Three bunks came together after a long road they have all had and this summer was th eicing on the cake. They embraced one another and this experience that they have shared together.  Their journey as campers is now coming to an end and we can say with certainty that watching this group summer after summer has been joyful.  These 25 girls, each so different from one another but all found common ground and built this community of friendship between them. It is exactly how you want your camp journey to go. These young women are incredible people who we are so proud of. Our hearts grew bigger tonight as we bear witness to something magical happening in front of our eyes. You saw the faces of every camper who sat in awe of our GC girls tonight and wanted to be them, to have what they have. Camp Chen-A-Wanda is a better place with their presence and it is not goodbye, it will never be goodbye – It is just see you soon. Their journey will take a shift but Chenny is forever in their hearts and they have left an indelible mark that will never be forgotten. Girls side is better because of our GC girls being here with us this summer. We have loved watching them grow up in front of our eyes and so beyond happy that Camp Chen-A-Wanda will forever be a part of their story.

Onto the last 2 weeks of summer 2021!