All In

The GC’s rolled back into camp early this afternoon after their West Coast adventure with smiles on their faces and a look that sad, We’re Exhausted. As they grabbed their bags and headed to their bunk to sleep, with one eye halfway a camper saw me and ran into my arms and said, “This was the best trip of my life and brought us together as a division. It’s just like you said it would be, life changing. Thank you for giving us this incredible experience. It changed me forever.” That was verbatim and it is why we do what we do. These experiences change our children for the better. Every single camper was so beyond appreciative and grateful for what they just experienced. Some couldn’t put it into words but their faces said it all. We know how this trip positively effects our GC kids and allows them to feel safe as they travel together, experience together, be together, laugh together, connect together and come back home together. It is a trip they have longed for and heard about about since they were Juniors and though it is now over, them as a truly bonded division has just begun.

The Supers had a very similar experience on their trip to Vermont and Boston. The smiles on your kids faces were priceless. They too expressed so much gratitude for their experience they just had, it was awesome. They couldn’t stop sharing hilarious stories together as a group, it was exactly what you would want for your children. To go out in the world feeling safe and connected and sharing experiences with a group of people you care deeply about. The destinations may have been Vermont and Boston but it was all about the journey. The moments that mattered were being together and experiencing as a division. This is why our friendships are so meaningful and camp is so magical.

Fall Seven Times…Stand Up Eight”  by unknown

Inter Girls Softball – CAW 3 @ Westmont 0 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!

Middy/Inter Boys LAX – CAW 10 vs. Tioga 1

Dance Comp Team Takes 1st Place at Camp Wayne Dance Competition

It was Camper Talent Show #2 and there is nothing quite like watching your kids take center stage. The confidence, the courage, the support and the talent feels like the sun was shining inside Shields Hall. A song sung in an off key, who cares – A dance move that was forgotten, we don’t mind. But the courage they have to share their talent with all of us is what makes the show so special. Your kids are superstars and we love watching them shine.

It was the CIT Mystery trip today and we had our oldest kids on a wild goose chase all day. They were confused, excited and couldn’t figure out where they were headed. The wait was not that long because at 4pm, we gave them exactly 45 minutes to get ready for a summer concert that would not disappoint – Train and Goo Goo Dolls. It was an incredible show and a perfefct way to end their incredible Chenny journey. This is it for our CIT’s as they are heading into their last 12 days as a Chenny camper. Going out with a blast is how we do it here. It was an absolutely perfect night and we were so happy to give them this experience. They deserved a night like tonight. One they will never forget.

All kids are back at Chenny and now we head to the last 12 days of our summer. Trips are done and the only thing left is to have a Color War!!!!! Let’s get to it

Chenny out.