Carpe’ Diem

There are 11 more days of camp left and you can feel the shift towards the end of camp approaching. Brian Leahy’s message to boys at morning lineup was Carpe’ Diem. He must have said that at least 10 times. “Boys, play baseball today as camp is winding down with only so many regular days left – Carpe’ Diem!” “Boys, don’t waste a moment of today, Carpe’ Diem.” “Boys, no regrets, Carpe’ Diem.” It was the theme of the day and the message was strong. So strong that later that afternoon, I was watching the Freshman boys play an awesome game of Gaga as they were laser focused and having fun, one of them shouted out “carpet dem everyone, carpet dem.” I asked one of them what does carpet dem mean, he looked me dead in the eye and said “Leahy told us to carpet dem today and make every activity count like it was our last day at camp.” He followed up by saying that us freshman boys are gonna play hard, have fun and carpet dem!  This little cutie may not have known the exact correct pronunciation but he certainly got the message.. So today, tomorrow and every day until we leave our summer home, we will all Carpet Dem!!!!

“Forget the Mistake. Remember the Lesson” …By unknown

Freshman/Junior Girls Basketball – CAW 12 vs. Westmont 6 – CAW Wins CHAMPIONSHIP!

Super Girls Soccer (championship game) – CAW 1 @ Starlight 3

Super Girls Basketball – CAW 31 vs. Starlight 12

GC/CIT Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Westmont 6

Collegiate Boys Tennis – CAW 3 vs. Island Lake 2

Senior/Super Boys LAX – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 12

GC/CIT Boys Hockey – CAW 3 @ Starlight 4

The night belonged to Chenny Idol. The show was incredible and our top 10 blew the roof of the Shields Hall. The talent was insane and the entire camp was singing along with every performance. What began with over 150 auditions came down to 10  performances. A huge congratulations to our solo artists Addison Goldstein, Dylan Bass, Maya Knobloch, Jessica Marks, Sydney Gurewicz, Lanie Bishop, Emma Goldenberg who sang from their hearts. Our duet performances Lexi Klein & Audrey Winter and Hadley Cohen & Izzy Huttner were soulful and sweet while the only boy trio Sean Pesner, Elon Dagan and Jordan Goldklang was a crowd favorite. The intensity grew as everyone was wondering who would be crowned our Chenny Idol. All of the performers took center stage and the top 3 were announced – Dylan Bass, Emma Goldenberg and Lanie Bishop. You could feel the excitement. All three girls stood arm in arm supporting and congratulating one another for a great show. Our host Scott Arkin received the final judges decision and it was time name the winner… Congratulations to Lanie Bishop for winning Chenny Idol!!!!!

Another unforgettable day at CAW.

Chenny out.