Last TRIP Day of Summer ’19

This is it, our last trip day for Summer 2019. Crazy to think that there are 14 days left to our magical summer at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Our Freshman, Juniors and Middies spent their day at the Rail Riders (Yankee AAA) game. They munched on ballpark goodies and watched the Yankees vs Mets (triple A teams) battle on the field. For an extra special treat for our baseball loving kids, Tim Tebow was there and played today for the Syracuse Mets. Nothing says summer like catching a baseball game with your friends, eating a hot dog at the park and singing Take me Out To the ball game for the 7th inning stretch. The kids came back to camp for dinner and a movie in Shields Hall.

The Inters & Collegiate’s loved their day spent at Great Wolf Lodge where they had a full day at the water park. It was a perfect way to end their trips for the summer. They all rolled off the buses with wolf ears and tomorrow will be the official Wolf Wanda Wednesday Day.. Every Inter and Collegiate will proudly be wearing their wolf ears. When you go to Great Wolf Lodge, you gotta sport the ears all around camp.

The Seniors rolled back into camp tonight after their overnight at MountainCreek Water Park. It was a perfect addition to  their Senior summer. They spent the entire day exploring an awesome water park and it was a hot one so being in the water was beyond ideal. Lots of smiles from our seniors. They are a happy group of happy campers. Love it!

The Supers spent their morning exploring famous Quincy Market as they ate and shopped themselves into oblivion. Just when they thought it couldn’t get better, it was off to a VIP tour of Fenway Park where they met up with Red Sox All Star Tommy Pham, on the field and even grabbed a photo. The kids loved their tour and then got to enjoy the game. It was an incredible night for our Supers. This trip is blowing their minds and they have two more days to go.

The CIT’s had their last trip spent  all together at Hershey Park. What could possibly be better than spending a day at Hershey with your camp besties. It was rollercoasters and chocolate. This group went on this trip when they were Seniors and now as they face the last 14 days of their camper career, it was back to a place they loved when they were 13 years old. As their bus rolled into camp tonight, they all knew that was the last time they would do this as a camp family.

The GC’s have made it to their last destination of their dream vacation. They are enjoying a little R&R in Phoenix. After teh week they have had, it is nice to relax by the pool, take some well deserved naps, get a manicure and get ready for the last leg of camp. It has been a trip of a lifetime for our GC’s and we are so happy they loved every minute of this incredible experience. It bonded them as a group and they will all come back closer to having shared this trip of a lifetime.

Other than our GC’s and Supers who are still enjoying their trips, everyone is back at camp safe and sound. Camp is quiet and full of exhausted children who are sleeping peacefully. Now onto the last and best 14 days of Chenny.

Life is so GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda

Chenny out.