When Big Kids Are Away..Younger Kids Will….Dress Up, Eat Candy & Rule Camp!

Our Seniors got off this morning for their second overnight of the summer. First stop was TreEscape for some zip lining, climbing trees and adventure course. The kids loved their day and are super psyched for Mountain Creek Water Park tomorrow. It just keeps getting better and better.

The GC’s enjoyed another day in the desert as they explored the Red Rocks of Sedona in a Pink Jeep Tour. These kids are having the time of their life or West. It’s not time to slow down yet. Our kids are living the dream.

The Supers started their day at Bromley Adventure Mountain for lunch and some fun adventure then off to the Basketball Hall of Fame. It was a fantastic day for these super Supers. Last stop of the evening was checking into the hotel in Boston and having a nighttime pool party before it was off to bed. More Boston adventures await this group tomorrow.

It was another fantastic day at Chenny for the Freshman, Juniors , Middies, Inters & Collegiates who have camp to themselves. The big kids are all away (minus the CIT’s)  so camp belongs to the younger kids and they love having it all to themselves. Camp looked and felt amazing as everyone was outside playing under the gorgeous bright sun. As we are approaching the last 16 days of camp, we are appreciating every single moment we have here and making every day count. Time is flying but we have lots more to do.


“Don’t Ruin A Good Today By Thinking About A Bad Yesterday”……by unknown

Inter Girls Softball  – CAW 9 Vs Starlight 2
Middy Girls Softball  CAW 12 @ Starlight At Starlight 5  – CAW WINS Championship!!!!
(These games were played yesterday)

Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 5 @ Wayne 1 – CAW WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Seniors Girls Basketball – CAW 25 @ Morasha 34

CIT Girls Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 5

CIT Girls Softball – CAW 8 vs. Shoshanim 10
Middy Boys Basketball  (RED) CAW 41  @ Tyler Hill 36

Middy Boys Basketball (GOLD) CAW 10 @ Tyler Hill loss 27
Col Boys Soccer  – CAW – vs Starlight 12
CIT Boys Basketball  CAW 69 @ Morasha 35

There is nothing quite like dressing up in your Halloween costume in July. Our campers went all out  and the costumes were awesome. There were jocks, princesses, Winnie the Pooh, clowns and ghosts. The kids went all out. There was even an inflatable pickle and T-Rex. Just way too much fun having Halloween in summer.  We started inside Shields Hall with our annual costume contest and our campers strutted their stuff.  They showed off their ghostly creations and creative costumes. Everyone was in on the fun and loving celebrating Halloween-A-Wanda together. After the parade, it was off to trick or treat and campers went station to station and they filled up their bags with oodles and oodles of treats. Halloween is always fun and a camp night standout. It was a perfectly spooky night.

Chenny out