Kids Got Talent

The Supers loaded the buses with so much excitement as they left camp en route for Vermont. Their day was spent making their very own Teddy Bears from the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. After it was maple syrup and cheese tasting followed by a tour of the famous Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory. Day number one was incredible and our Supers are having a SUPER time.

Our GC’s left Vegas and headed to their day at the Grand Canyon. The beauty of where they were at took their breath away and sharing it with their camp brothers and sisters was as grand as that beautiful canyon. This trip keeps getting and better.


“I Never Lose…I Either Win or I Learn”.. by unknown

Freshman/Junior Boys Hockey – CAW 6 vs. Starlight 3

Collegiate Boys Baseball – CAW 0 vs. Wayne 5

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 34 vs. Wayne 44

Camp is where shine and tonight we were as bright as the sun, as our campers took the stage in the Camper Talent show. There were 16 acts that stood up on our stage and performed in front of the whole camp. That is not an easy fete for anyone but this Chenny audience was overwhelmingly supportive cheering proud and loud for their talented friends. Imagine being 8 years old and singing all by yourself as a packed house was singing along with you. That initial shaky voice quickly grew stronger with each note. Looking out a the audience who was rocking out, clapping along and singing with you gives you something you can’t quite explain; a confidence that will be with you forever. To be present at these moments is seeing the best part of our kids. Every year this evening activity restores my faith in how good we are to one another here and how brave we are to get up on that stage. One camper came to camp so very shy that it was hard to believe this was her singing center stage. It was a thought she probably never thought she would do  but she did and she was fabulous. Standing off stage she was visibly nervous before she went on. She looked fear in face, took a deep breath and put one foot forward as she moved to center stage. We are so proud of every camper who had the courage and confidence to share their talent with us and so incredibly proud of the audience who so graciously supported them. Way to go Chenny Kids!


Chenny out