Get & Give

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t sit in awe of what kind of support for one another we have here.  People who just met only 5 weeks ago are now forever connected and it’s not just the kids and counselors in the division that share this incredibly strong bond.  There was a group of senior boys playing basketball with some adorable freshman girls on Shields Hall court at free play. We have all fully integrated into one camp family. The connections between us all are real, organic and meaningful. There was a camper that was having a hard moment today. She was sad and had a good cry – she was immediately surrounded by loads of people who were there to support. I watched not only her bunk mates and counselor but 4 older campers and a specialist that wasn’t even in her division, go to her and give support. She had a a team of people to pick her up. Whatever disappointment she was feeling was immediately seen by anyone who walked by and was drawn to help her. They listened to her, they hugged her and they got her through this moment.  The sad moment was temporary but the love she received was not. I want you to know that this is how your kids get through the tough times here. It is the magic of leaning on others and getting support at that moment that fills our hearts and allows us all to move forward. Can you imagine feeling sad and have people, lots of people rush to you and tell you it’s going to be alright while they are literally putting their arms around you? This actually happens here on the daily here. I often tell our kids here that the only way to move that mountain in front of them is to lean on those around you and they will carry you through. It works. I see it everyday as your children get support and provide it for others. They get support and they give it right back. This caring thing that is alive and well here and we get to experience this all summer long. I’m feeling pretty grateful that there is a place where this attention to caring for others is front and center.

“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”…By Unknown

Middy Girls Softball – CAW 14 @ Westmont 0

Collegiate Girls LAX – CAW 8 @ Starlight 15

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 6 @ Westmont 9

Senior/Super Girls LAX – CAW 11 vs. Lohikan 12 (game went into overtime)

Super Boys Soccer – CAW 3 @ Westmont 4

CIT Boys Baseball – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 5

It’s that time again to honor our outstanding Campers of the week. They each earned it and deserve the recognition. We are beaming with pride and as we announced each name, the look on their faces were simply priceless.

Freshman  – Sophie Portnoy & Jonathan Hare

Juniors – Alexa Lieberman & Alex Michaels

Middies – Alex Goldblatt & Cole Rand

Inters – Jolie Weiss & Justin Gorchain

Collegiates – Lexie Klien &

Seniors – Addison Goldstein & Logan Salzman

Supers – Ashleigh Brett & Jason Rosenbaum

CIT’s – Emily Weiss & Evan Kay

It was a awesome Miss Chen-A-Wanda show tonight in Shields Hall. Some of our camp favorite Guys, strutted their stuff on stage but looking very different than we usually see them at camp. This was a beauty contest where the more beautiful and outrageous the better. Our guys put on quite a show as they were dressed up as gorgeous Miss Chen-A-Wandas. They were gowns, lots of makeup and even a boa. It wasn’t all about the beauty but these fellas brought the talent as they sang, danced, told jokes and juggled. It wasn’t your typical beauty pageant and her at Chenny, we don’t do typical. The show was hilarious and so much fun. The kids absolutely went bonkers for our evening show. Another amazing day followed by an incredible night.

Chenny out