The Inter boys played a championship softball game today and I was lucky enough to get to watch several innings. I was struck by the beauty of the day but mostly what stuck out was the absence of stress. This was a championship game and there was zero stress but there sure were a lot of “Atta Boys” . It seemed after each successful play every kid would yell out this awesome term of endearment. Even when one of us struck out, our team responded with, “it’s ok, you’ll get him next time.” There was no ridiculing, no throwing gloves down on the floor, no disappointment and no stress. The boys did their best and worked hard. It didn’t go Chenny’s way this time and our kids lost that game today but there sure were a ton of Atta Boy’s. After they shook the hands of the opposing team and not missing a beat I heard one camper say, “Hey, we got the Chenny Shack now, lets go.” And just like that, making pizza with your boys was the next thing to do today. I was so proud of those kids today as they played hard, gave it their all, supported their teammates, accepted a loss and then moved right along to making pizza. It just doesn’t get better than this.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” …….by Wayne Gretzky

Middy/Inter Girls LAX – CAW 8 vs. Starlight 15

Inter Girls Softball – CAW 15 vs. Poyntelle 9

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 5 vs. Wayne 1

GC/CIT Girls Softball – CAW 3 @ Lavi 0

Freshman/Junior/Middie Boys LAX-A-Rama Tournament @ Wayne  – CAW came in 2nd Place

Inter Boys Softball – CAW 3 vs. Poyntelle 5

Tonight was Head Staff Lip Sync and it was INSANELY GREAT!! I urge you to watch the video when it comes out on line. It was incredibly entertaining and our kids loved it. There is nothing like watching Head Staff Lip Sync in the Hall. The energy is palpable and tonight was no exception. When anyone in our camp family takes the stage, it feels like each of us are up there with them. This sense of pride blankets each one of us. You cant explain it but you love to feel it. The talent, the choreography, the lip syncing, the costumes, the heart and soul behind each performance made tonight exceptional.  There were sensational performances that entertained us all in every sense of the word. Activities like this one, brings us all together as we cheer on our staff and get behind them. There were 7 acts and 5 moved onto to our finals. The divisions that will be represented in the finals are: Freshman (repped by Tom Ratliff & Zach Krieger), Collegiates (repped by John Evitt and Jason Bowman), Seniors (repped by Casey Ward & Nikki Nystrom), Supers (repped by Sandra), GC/CIT’s( repped by Issy Hull). The pressure is on and we love it!

Life is great… just great!!

Chenny out