If you were to bring out a deck of cards and told your kids that is what he/she and their friends will play with for hours on end day after day, would you ever think they would go for it? Not in my house either, but there is something about a deck of cards in this house that can entertain your children all summer long. I was watching 3 boys who were teaching me Palace, a card game I never played before. The boys were so excited to teach me this game and each took pride listing any and all of the rules. They each new this game inside and out and took pride in conveying their strategy on how to get to the end. We all sat under under a shaded area with a deck of 52 cards (shaped like pizza) playing a game that used our minds and gave us over an hour of capturing our attention. I asked each one of them if they play this at home and all three looked up at me with a dazed look and said, “we never play card games at home.” So as the time flew by and we all laughed, played, told stories and had the best time, I was just so struck by the fact that all we had were those 52 cards. When life is simplified, life is simple. It’s not always about the latest and greatest video games or which shows on Netflix we are going to watch that make us the most happy. Sometimes its just a deck of cards. I encourage you to pull out your cards at home and when the kids get back home from camp, ask them to teach you the game called Palace – You won’t regret it.

“Don’t call it a Dream.. Call it a Plan”….by anonymous

Inter/Collegiate/Senior Boys Hockey Tourney at Lokanda – Game 1 -CAW 4 vs Equinunk 5 – Lost in overtime – Game 2 CAW 3 vs. Tyler Hill 6

It was a Round Robin night and camp was packed with happy camper. There was cooking and movies, a road rally and wiffle ball, foam slip and sliding and even a cake war. Camp was hoppin’ tonight and the vibe was awesome. One of those standout nights that feels so campy.

The GC’s had the most perfect day tanning at Santa Monica Beach and shopped on 3rd Street Promenade. They had such an incredible day and just when they thought it couldn’t get better it was off to Malibu for a private party in Paradise Cove. Incredible doens’t even come close to describing their day.

Our CIT’s rolled back into camp around 11:00pm and  the smiles on their faces said it all. They were exhausted from the adventurous trip in Lake George. This group is so close and another shared experience has made their final camper summer beyond anything they imagined. A great trip for a truly spectacular group of CIT’s!!!

Chenny out