Two Months

Every evening I sit at my desk and write about our day so you at home can have a little insight to that magic that happens here. I find  inspirational quotes that are related mainly to sports, sportsmanship and being the best we can be but tonight I ran across this one and it spoke volumes to me so I had to share with you. You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” by anonymous. This is what happens here. For two month we learn about others. For two months we listen to each others stories. For two months we nominate our friends and share what kind acts they did that deserved recognition. For two months we laugh at the jokes our friends tell us and for two months we can learn a whole lot about someone else. For two months our focus is outside our ourselves and that is why these two months bring so many people into our lives. I felt this quote spoke to all of us here and why the friendships are so meaningful.

Senior Girls Basketball – CAW 30 vs. Tioga 20

Senior/Super Girls LAX – CAW 23 vs. Starlight 16

Freshman/Junior Boys Soccer – CAW 3 @ Wayne 11

Middy Boys Soccer – CAW 3 @ Wayne 5

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 0 @ Wayne 8
Super Boys Biddy Basketball – CAW 90 vs. Westmont 50
Our Competition Dance Team won 1st Place today at the Tyler Hill Dance Comp – THEY WERE AMAZING!!!!
BINGO was our evening activity. There is just nothing more exciting as you get closer to a BINGO. It’s an oldie but a goodie and the campers had the BEST TIME. Sometimes a good old game of simple Bingo makes for a great night!
The GC’s had an amazing time at their tour of Warner Bros Studios. and afternoon at the Grove. It was a picture perfect day and ending with a night at Universal Studios. Could life get any better for our wandering campers. They are loving life!!
Our CIT’s spent their day climbing and zip-lining followed by a beautiful dinner over looking lake George. They enjoyed a sight seeing tour on a beautiful boat and relaxed from their day of exhausting adventure. Life is great when you are a CIT!!
Our kids are happy and loving it – Doesn’t get better than that.
Chenny out.