Trips Trips and More Trips

It is the second to last trip day of our summer and the campers LOVED their excursions.

Our Freshman cuties spent their day at Claws N’ Paws Zoo. They explored this awesome zoo and absolutely loved thier day out of camp. It was back to camp for dinner and then off to the Chen-A-Plex for more animal fun watching Madagascar. A perfect day for our little ones.

Juniors and Middies started their spectacular day jumping around at SkyZone. It was dodgeball mania and the kids had so much fun. As we left, the manager told us that our kids were unbelievably well behaved and respectful and that she has never seen such a well mannered group of kids at SKyZone. What a proud moment we felt. Then after all that jumping around it as off to see the summer Blockbuster, the Lion King. We munched on popcorn and enjoyed a phenomenal movie. After the movies it was back to camp for dinner. Everyone was wiped out and exhausted from the day. Lights out never happened this early for ourCherokee campers. It was a perfect summer day.

Inters and Collegiates had a packed day of fun. They had the trifecta – Bowling, Roller Skating & Movies. WOW! they rolled back into camp exhausted and exhilarated. Where in the world can you bowl, then roller skate followed by a summer blockbuster – At Camp Chen-A-Wanda, that’s where!!

Seniors & Supers started their day at Camel Beach Water Park. The weather was ideal and the kids loved being at the park. It wasn’t too hot or too cold, it was just right and an ideal day for a waterpark adventure. They got out of their bathing suits and headed for some shopping at the outlets. What a awesome day they had.

Our GC’S landed in Los Angeles this am and started their west coast adventure with a tour of UCLA. They explored Pauley Pavillion and took pics at the famous Bruin Bear. The campers took over the student store and had an incredible day 1. They spent their evening at Universal City Walk. It was a perfect start to their incredible adventure.

The CIT’s rolled out of camp as the sun rose. They headed off to Lake George and day 1 was incredible. It was white water rafting and it was spectacular. This special group of CIT’s enjoyed their first day and have more exciting things on their horizon.

It’s Good To Be A Chenny Kid….Life is Great!!

Chenny out



Chenny out