We’re Gettin’ Ready For You!!!

You can’t escape the excitement of what is happening tomorrow. Everyone is getting so very excited to see their families and the feeling here is unreal. We are all so excited for what tomorrow will bring. The kids just could not be more excited to see you and the day was spent getting our summer home ready for you. The campers made signs, cleaned their bunks and made everything just perfect for your arrival.

Even with the anticipation of tomorrow, we were able to play some great games.

Girls Middy Basketball – CAW 12 vs. Island Lake 24

Girls Inter Softball – CAW 9 @ Pearlman 3

Girls Collegiate LAX – CAW 7 @ Starlight 9

Middy Boys Soccer – CAW 9 vs. Lohikan 0

Inter Boys Baseball – CAW 8 vs. Starlight 4

Super Boys Soccer – CAW 4 @ Westmont 0

GC/CIT Boys Soccer – CAW 1 vs. Starlight 0 (CAW wins in overtime)

GC/CIT Basketball – CAW 54 @ Nesher 13

We honored our Campers of the Week and we are so thrilled to give these campers their very well deserved Camper of the week Sunglasses. They wear them with pride and they should. They are great campers with tremendous character.

Freshman – Alexis Greenblatt & Jake Mongeluzza

Juniors – Samantha Simson & Charlie Horton

Middies – Jolie Krieger & Ben Gruberger

Inters – Summer Housenbold & Jake Weiss

Collegiates – Jillian Oresky & Tyler Katz

Seniors – Alexa Becker & Jared Simpson

Supers – Lindsay Komson & Derek Wills

GC’s – Ally Heller & Ben Einzig

CIT’s – Shelby Myers & Zach Olson

Tonight was so much fun as we were all in Shields Hall watching a camp favorite show, Minute To Win It. Campers were having a ball trying to get the cookie of their forehead into there mouths without hands. It was hilarious. So many laughs, so many games. As the show ended, that rain came into camp so we waited it out with a giant dance party in the Hall. It was awesome. The energy was electric and the kids are feeling the excitement with what is happening tomorrow. We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow morning.

Chenny out