Our Hearts Are Full

There is nothing in this world better than that first hug you get on Visiting Day from your kids after not seeing or holding them for 3 weeks. We all know logically that sending our kids away to camp all summer long will enrich their lives and benefit their growth as human beings but not being able to hold, hug and talk to our children for 3 weeks is hard. That space makes today so intense. You can feel the anticipation and excitement as our all families line up at the gate, bags overloaded, siblings in tow and a smiles so large you can actually feel the intensity of that moment when you are reunited with your kids. That first embrace when you have your babies back in your arms is like no other feeling that can be easily described but is so full of emotion and it makes everything right in the world.  We have the privilege of watching you and your families experience pure bliss right in front of our eyes. All is right in the world when your kids are back in your arms. It takes a leap of faith and a tremendous amount of trust  when you send them off and out in the world and from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate you trusting us to take care of your precious babies.

We hope you all had an amazing day at this amazing place. We hope you felt the love that your kids feel here everyday. It is a place like no other and today was remarkable. The ideal weather was set for a perfect day here at Chenny. We hope you enjoyed all the fun things your kids do on a daily here but more important than the waterfront and climbing tower, we hope you felt a sense of kindness and love from the staff who take care of your kids when you aren’t with them. We hope you felt what they feel everyday. I always tell the kids that the magic of this place isn’t the stuff but its every single person inside our gates that makes this place a home. So for this day, visiting day we hope your heart was full and you saw how your children have thrived for the past 3 weeks surrounded by beautiful kind and caring people who love them so.

When the last car rolled out, it was back to business and though there were some tears and heavy hearts, we were there to pick them up and stand by their side. Every single one of them got through their moments of sadness and even fought through their doubts they could do this, they did it. These moments allow them to grow with confidence that they can get through it, navigate murky waters and get across that river to the other side. We, as parents can coach them but it’s here where they truly learn these empowering life lessons that they strong, powerful and capable to get through anything.

After dinner, it was all about Chenny Jam. Girls were head-to-toe in pink and boys side were all sporting everything black. This was such an intense game with prizes, dance parties and sing-a-longs. There was no better way to get the kids right back into the camp spirit. It was neck and neck to the very last second but boys side won with a  51-50 victory over girls side. The excitement was off the charts and there was not a camper who didn’t have the time of their life tonight. It was just that much fun.

We had the best day watching you and your families enjoy your day. Thank you for being a part of our family. Our hearts are full today and we hope yours are too.

Chenny out.