Right Back in the Groove Of Things

It was right back to the fun after one amazing Visiting Day. There is a sense of calmness or maybe the word I’m looking for is better defined as comfort but the feeling here we are all experiencing is just the feeling of being home. After a very emotional and awesome day it was as if every camper didn’t skip a beat. The campers got right back in the swing of it with a full day of activities and play. The mood was electric and our kids are just so happy to be outside playing with their friends. I was touring a new prospective family today and the parents were in awe as the mom in my golf cart said to me, “You have amazing facilities and activities here but I cant get over how happy the kids are.” She had tears in her eyes as we ended the tour, she leaned over to her husband and whispered, “This is what we want for him, a place that makes him this happy.” I was so happy to have heard her words. They spent an hour and a half at our home and they got the feeling of why Chenny is so magical.

I witnessed something pretty special today as a Middy boy tried the trapeze for the first time today, you could see his hesitation and nerves but he mustered up all his strength and headed up that ladder. He reached out and trusted the circus counselor who had a hold of his harness as he reached out to grab the bar. With one deep breath, he stepped off the ledge and flew. Like this experience of camp, he trusted someone else to hold him when he was frightened and then after soaring back and forth on that giant trapeze, he let go and that huge net below provided safety as he dropped. That net is all of us here. We are each a piece of the net that catches each other. It so easy to see how in the past 3 weeks we have all unplugged, connected to each other and have provided that human connection that makes us better people. I was so glad to watch this camper soar.

Our athletes were back on the fields and courts and ready to play.

Middy Girls Tennis – CAW 0 @ Starlight 5

Middy Girls Softball – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 8

Senior Girls Soccer – CAW 4 vs. Towanda 3

Inter Boys Tennis – CAW 0 @ Starlight 5

Collegiate Boys Baseball – CAW 8 vs. Towanda 10

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 42 @ Starlight 57

Senior/Super Boys Hockey – CAW 9 vs. Equinunk 2

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 8 @ Starlight 1

What a fun night we had as the Chicago Boyz dazzled us with their amazing acrobatic stunts. This troupe was on Americas Got Talent and the kids went wild as they  took center stage. The blew our minds with their talent and had us all oooohhhing and aaahhhhing. The jumped and twisted and flipped and turned and we were amazed at what we were watching. Everyone was into it and it was a great show. Just an awesome way to end this awesome day!!!

Chenny out.