Just Plain Happy

Without a doubt, today was amazing. It was a regular day of activities for our campers and they enjoyed every minute of it. As the day went on, the temperature got hotter and everyone wanted to cool down. Our Lake, Pool and the Zone were full of campers beating the heat. It was picturesque watching it all happen.


It was fun day for our athletes playing the games they love. Our kids are fierce and having an absolute ball on the fields and courts.

Girls Swim Meet @ Starlight – Chenny Did AMAZING!!!

Inter Girls Tennis – CAW 5 @ Poyntelle 0

Senior Girls Soccer  – CAW 7 @ Poyntelle 1

Freshman/Junior Boys LAX – CAW 0 @ Westmont 5

Middy Boys Hockey – CAW 4 vs. Lavi 11

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 24 vs. Lavi 45

Collegiate Boys Baseball – CAW 11 vs. Westmont 0

Inter/Collegiate Boys Tennis Tourney @ Tyler Hill  (Alex Brandoff reached Semi’s)

Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 13 vs. Westmont 0


Tonight we had a great night in Shields Hall watching our incredible talented campers perform at this years Talent Show. There were so many kids that signed up we had to split it into 2 nights. So on this first night of our Talent extravaganza, our kids took center stage and rocked the house. There is something amazing that happens here that our campers cant wait to show off their talents. You see when they walk on that stage and look out into the audience who is cheering for them, encouraging them and so eager to watch them perform it gives each performer that moment when they are a star. Imagine if you can, a room full of friends who get behind you and love hearing you sing, watching  you dance and give you a standing ovation after you’re done. That happens here and it happened tonight. No matter who you are, its scary to walk out there, sometimes alone and bear your talent to everyone at camp but when they smother you with adoration and support, it builds you up and makes you smile from the inside out. You can actually see the transformation that takes place here because we got each others back here and that is how confidence is built. It was incredibly special to watch your kids on stage tonight but there is a deep pride and respect for those in the audience who allowed them a room to shine in full of love and support. So what if you sang off key or missed that one dance step, you got up there and did your thing. So proud of every single kid on camp who made tonight pretty magical.

It was the first day of our GC trip out West as they Wandered to California. Their first day was spent touring UCLA and I must say as I am and will always be a faithful Bruin, that campus is so beautiful and the kids had a ball. They toured the grounds, spent hours in the student store and loved every minute of it. The weather was perfect, of course it’s LA and the smiles were huge. Then it was back to the hotel to get settled in, shower and head out to Universal City Walk for dinner. This group is off and running and it is just the beginning. What a great group of kids experiencing an absolute trip of a life time. It’s good to be a GC.

Days like today fill our hearts with pure camp joy. How lucky we all are to have moments like this in our lives. As we remind ourselves that for ten months our kids work hard, study harder and navigate through all of life’s daily stresses. But here at camp, we connect, we engage and just play!

Chenny out