Too Much Fun Tuesday

There is something quite special about heading out of camp on trips with your campies. Everyone is wearing their camp shirts and we all load the buses to some amazing fun places. It unifies us as a group as we exit our gates for some fantastic adventures. Each group had a ball today as they enjoyed themselves beyond imagination.

Our Cherokee campers had a great day at the State park as they played in the lake, tossed the ball around, relaxed on their towels, listened to music and spent a perfect afternoon soaking in the sun. Then it was back to camp for a giant pizza party and movie night for the Freshman and Juniors. They got cozy in their jammies and relaxed with a summer night Flick. Middies played the Quest in Shields Hall and it was so hilarious.

Inters and Collegiates spent their trip day at Dorney Park. It was a full day of coasters and rides that the kids got to ride over and over again as the park was almost empty so our kids loved their day at the park. Our campers just had the absolute best day at Dorney. As the kids rolled back into camp and off the buses, they were exhausted but so beyond happy as they walked by and said, “this was the best trip ever.” Just an awesome day for our Mohican campers.

Navajo campers got wet wild and wacky at Camel beach. The temperature was hot and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day to spend at a water park. After they got swooshed around the giant toilet bowl and played in the wave pool, it was off to the outlets for some retail therapy and our campers shopped till they dropped. An incredible afternoon for our Navajo campers today.

The GC’s are still wandering and spent their day at Sony Studios touring Hollywood highlights and loved it. They spent the day in Seinfeld’s apartment then to the set of Wheel of Fortune followed by checking out The RV in Breaking Bad. After their tour it was off to Magic Mountain for a great day at the park of crazy roller coasters and insane fun. They are having an absolute blast in Cali.

The boy CIT’s had an incredible day playing paintball and told us to was their best trip yet. It was just an awesome course and they played all afternoon. Couldn’t have been a better day for our CIT guys. The girls went to Dickson City and spent their day  lunching and shopping. They were relaxed and stress free on their day off.

All our kids are back home at camp safe and sound. It’s just about 1:00am and at this time of  night, camp is quiet, peaceful, awkwardly silent and still. It’s a far cry from when everyone is up and running around camp full of life, full of love, full of spirit and energy. So at least for the next handful of hours, your children are soundly sleeping, exhausted from their adventures day. You know that feeling when it’s so much fun to go on a trip but there is nothing quite like coming home!!!  Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Chenny out