Halfway Day

So today is exactly the halfway mark to our incredible summer here at Chenny. We have traveled exactly halfway though this journey and the best is yet to come. The first half was incredible but we are just getting started. Our engines are full throttle now and we are full speed ahead. I have received so many emails from you since Visiting Day and I literally wish you could read what we read.. You all say the same thing, that you can’t believe how happy your kids are here and for the new campers, you all have relayed your astonishment how quickly your camper took to this place and how at home they feel here. With every email, I sit here at my desk with chills because you all see, feel and say the same thing..That you know your children have made a home here and they feel safe here. With each email we read, our heart gets bigger because you see what we see every single day. Even when the lessons they learn are hard ones, the ones that make our heart ache because we want everything to be easy for them. Each one of us are as happy as our unhappiest child but the growth from learning tough lessons and getting through hard moments is exactly how they develop their character. Roots and wings. They all know where they come from and by sending them here, you have given them their wings. I know that sometimes getting that sad letter is a killer or hearing them cry on the call is a pain in your heart that you want to take away but you can’t. Trust us when we say they get through it. They really do. It may take a moment or two but they figure out how to navigate their feelings and get to a better place. ¬†They always do. Our children are constantly evolving and are much stronger than we may give them credit for. So if you get that letter with a tear mark she drew or that call that breaks your heart, believe they are strong, capable, and can get through those sad moments. They always do.

Fields were rocking today:

Freshman/Junior Girls Soccer – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 4

Middy Girls Soccer – CAW 0 @ Starlight 2

Senior/ Super Girls Soccer – CAW 7 vs. Island Lake 8

Inter Boys Baseball – CAW 16 @ Nesher 7

Epic night tonight with our very first but will be annual Miss Chen-A-Wanda, evening activity. It was hilarious and the kids LOVED it.. Each division had a male staff member chosen to represent their division in this true pageant like no other pageant we have ever seen. There were tiaras and evening wear. There was talent and of course the question/interview portion of the show and it was over the top hilarity. Our bellies hurt we laughed so hard. Maybe because our favorite male counselors were dressed up with full makeup and lashes, painted nails and gorgeous gowns. They were incredible and this new evening activity will forever be a part of our Chen-A-Wanda experience. Ask your kids about it and they will confirm that we have some really pretty guys here who look fab is pink chiffon!

Life is so Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda

Chenny out.