Green Bean

It was a hot one today and Fiddle Lake was full of campers keeping cool. The pool was packed and the slip and slide was getting a ton of use today. There is nothing quite like taking a dip when the weather is hot and today our campers kept cool. It was that kind of day you just didn’t mind if your friend poured their water over your head… you actually asked them to do it.  As I was watching the kids at the lake, I noticed a group of boys huddled around a an area off to the side. They were in full discussion and it intrigued me so I wandered over and took a listen. They found a frog and all these junior boys were creating an entire story about this frog, their new friend they call Green Bean. Each one of them added to who Green Bean was and why he was at camp with them. They were cracking up and so was I. Each played a part in this incredible story about Green Bean and each one of them asked me if he could stay in their bunk tonight. They were trying to convince me that they would take such great care of him and what a great addition Green Bean would be as part of their bunk pet. After explaining that having a frog live with them may not be the best idea, they let that go but what came next was amazing. One camper literally knelt down and told Green Bean that he shouldn’t be scared, even though he was alone because he was at Camp Chen-A-Wanda and this is where you are never alone. He said , “You can make and find frog friends like we all did.” It was such a sweet moment that I shared with this darling group of junior boys. They stayed with Green Bean until the activity period ended and I know that tomorrow, those boys will head directly back to the lake to see if Green Bean is still there. What cold possibly be better than searching for a frog with your friends.. Just doesn’t get better than that.

Here is our scores from todays games:

Inter Girls Softball – CAW 10 vs. Westmont 9 – CHENNY HEADING TO CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 7 vs. Tioga 0 – CHENNY HEADING TO CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

Middy Boys Soccer – CAW 1 vs. Westmont 2 (went into overtime)

Inter Boys Hockey – Lokanda Tournament / CAW went 0 for 3

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 26 vs. Weequahic 43

Collegiate Boys LAX – CAW 8 @ Wayne 12

Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 15 vs. Tioga 0

Navajo  (Seniors, Supers and CIT’s) spent their evening at the Scranton Yankees baseball game. It was food, friends and ball. A perfect way to spend a summer night. Hot Dogs and ice cream were in a plenty and our kids chilled out at the ball park. Collegites had their own special night with a bonfire and s’mores on the beach. It was a beautiful night with a perfect Fiddle Lake sunset and our Collegiate kids had a ball being the big kids at camp tonight. Our youngest campers took the stage tonight with our second Chenny Got Talent Talent Show. There is just so much talent and your kids shined pretty bright tonight. Watching them get up on that stage with a fear in the world to only perform in front a Hall full of their friends encouraging them all the way through, makes you feel pretty darn good on the inside. There was dancing, and singing and card tricks and tumbling and after each performance, the audience screamed, YOU ARE A SUPERSTAR!!!! That room was so full of love and kindness tonight, it was contagious. No mis-steps or an off key note would damper their spirit tonight. They had an absolute ball tonight getting up on that stage just like they were home in their living room, performing for you at home. This is their living room, and they are performing like their home because they are!!!

Chenny out.