The power of the camp wrist

There is something prideful about each girl camper having a “camp wrist”.  That is where you have layers and layers  of friendship bracelets adorning your wrist. It is a badge of honor and right passage to wear that camp wrist as long you can. Even when the kids back from camp, they just cant part from their camp wrist. Each bracelet has their own meaning on who made it and it defines so many relationships here. Camp wrists aren’t limited to younger campers or older ones, as this is a girl side thing.  There was a large group of  Super girls in jewelry making today that spent their time making friendship bracelets for one another. They each picked another camper to make this symbol of friendship for. It was so sweet to see these girls sit around a table intently making something beautiful for a friend. They all sat around the table weaving threads of beautiful colored string, not for themselves but for their friends. The best part was listening to all of their conversation that was had during this group experience. They chatted and laughed and connected with one another as they spent their time creating something beautiful that had so much meaning. As they finished each bracelet and put it on the wrist of their friend, it bonded them together as they experienced the act of giving something from their heart. With each new bracelet that went on each camp wrist, it told a story of friendship and love. What a great day of camp love, tradition and friendship.

A 1st Place Win and off to a few more Championship Games!!!! Chenny athletes Rock.

Gymnastics Competition @ Starlight – Chenny wins 1st Place Team Overall / Cami Platt 2nd in Vault 3rd in Beam and 3rd Overall/ Riley Jacobson 3rd in Floor 3rd on Bars  and 3rd Overall/ Jordana Yacht 2nd Vault 2nd in Floor/Zoe Gorsky 2nd in Vault / Ava DeRose 3rd on Floor.

Inter Girls Soccer – CAW 8 @ Tioga 0 – Chenny Going To Championship Game!

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 34 vs. Lavi 16

Senior Super Boys Hockey – CAW 6 vs. Starlight 4 – Chenny going to Championship Game vs. Westmont

Tonight was our Hypnotist show and the kids loved it. The counselors were up on stage dancing like Britany Spears when a they heard a whistle or howled like a lonely dog when their right shoulder was touched or even liked the bottom of their shoe when told it was an ice cream cone . It was hilarious to see our counselors loose control and do things they may never do without being under hypnotic suggestion. The kids loved it, the staff couldn’t believe they did the things their campers told them did and the night was a epic. Another outstanding day and evening at our favorite place in the world. Best news is that we get to do this all again tomorrow.

Chenny out.