52 Cards

If you were to bring out a deck of cards and told your kids that is what he/she and their friends will play with for hours on end day after day, would you ever think they would go for it? Not in my house either, but there is something about a deck of cards in this house that can entertain your children all summer long. I was sitting with a group of collegiate boys who were teaching me a card game I never played before. They were so excited to teach me this game and each took pride listing any and all of the rules. They each new this game inside and out and took pride in conveying their strategy on how to get to the end. We all sat under the apple tree, with a deck of 52 cards playing a game that used our minds and gave us over an hour of capturing our attention. So as the time flew by and we all laughed, played, told stories and had a ball I was just so struck by the fact that all we had were those 52 cards. When life is simplified, life is simple. It’s not always about the latest and greatest that make us the most happy. Sometimes its just a deck of 52 cards.

It was time for Camper of the Week awards again tonight and you can only imagine the look of pride when each name is announced. When you think about what it takes for these campers to raise to the top and excel is pretty awe-inspiring. They have been great friends, they have been amazing helpers, they have been a positive force in and out of their bunk and they are so deserving of this honor bestowed upon them by the staff who are so proud of their accomplishments. Way to go to each and every camper who deserve this award.


Freshman          Dylan Schissler                   Alex Minkoff

Juniors                Charlie Halpern                Chase Goldman

Middies               Lexi Klein                            Zach Gelfman

Inters                   Amanda Horn                     Robbie Shields

Collegiates          Molly Isen                            Justin Miller

Seniors                Cami Delillo                         Jake Root

Super                   Emily Kushner                    Alex Kapusta

GC ( kids are away on Cali Trip)

CIT                      Sami Miller                           Lucas Krieger

It was an incredible camp favorite night as we all loved watching Head Staff Lip Sync Battle. Each Division was represented by a Head Staff member who rocked the house with their fierce lip syncing abilities. They blew our minds with their choreography and delivery of each awesome song they performed. The crowd was in it and the level of entertainment was high. There were 8 performances and the top 5 are moving on. The competition was fierce and the scores were so close but there had to be a top 5 that are moving on to the next round. The kids were in it all the way and the roof just about blew off Shields Hall as each finalist was announced. Tonight was one of this nights that was just crazy fun and the staff put their best foot forward and gave our kids a night to remember. It is hard to imagine how will they top tonights performances but we have a crazy inclination that they will bring it for the finals.

Chenny out.