Comeback Kids

I was watching our Collegiate boys play basketball against Camp Morasha in a Wayne County tournament game this afternoon. We just couldn’t land a shot and their offense was on fire. The other team shot out to an early lead and at half-time we were down by 20 points. You could see the frustration on our kids faces and they were giving it everything they had but their opponents were just that good today. After the 3rd quarter our kids circled around each other and though the score was 46 – 29 them, our coaching staff told them that we never give up, we never stop pushing and we aren’t done with this game.” The coach asked one simple question in that huddle, “Do you believe we can, because I know we can.” Each camper started chanting, “I believe we can” and just like that, the spark was lit. We didn’t miss a shot and our defense was resurrected. Their lead of 17 points was shrinking fast and you felt the tide turn. Our opponents didn’t know what was happening but shot after shot, our confidence grew and our kids were ballin’. With 10 seconds to go, we were down by 2 when Morasha turned over the ball and we took that last shot and it wasn’t just any shot, we sank a 3 pointer that gave us the win. You could hear the screams of joy all throughout camp. The boys went out of their minds and ran out of the gym sharing this news with anyone, with everyone. They won not because our talent was that much superior to theirs, we won because they believed they could. That moment after the 3rd quarter changed their approach when their coach asked them if they believe they could and then they did. Down by 17, they didn’t see it as defeat ┬ábut an opportunity. I watched your boys dig down deep and believe in themselves. They will certainly not win every game but todays win was so sweet as they proved to themselves that when you believe, truly believe that you can, you very well just may be able to do great things.

More scores from our awesome athletes playing hard today:

Inter Girls Tennis – CAW 1 vs. Wayne 4

Super Girls Soccer – CAW 1 @ Westmont 11

Collegiate Boys Basketball – CAW 53 vs. Morasha 52

Inter Boys Softball – CAW 4 @ Equinunk 6

Inter/Collegiate Boys Hockey – CAW 6 vs. Lavi 8

Senior/Super Boys Softball – CAW 8 @ Westmont 5

Super Boys Baseball – CAW 7 vs. Westmont 4


Tonight was Round Robin and that is where each division had their own activity all around camp. There was Dodgeball in Shield Hall and Trivia in the Lodge. We had spa night and a Road Rally to name a few. It was a perfect night for our Chenny kids. They embrace every day and every night in this very special place they call their summer home.

Chenny out.