Another GREAT day at Chenny!

Camp brings out the best of us, if you let it, let go and believe. We try and convey the beauty of what happens inside our gates with our pictures, videos and this blog but honestly there is just no way to truly give justice to how it feels in here. I sit and watch your children blossom and create connections that change their lives. Every day here deepens our connections to each other. There is no perfect place but this comes pretty close. When you see kids talking to one another day after day after day, amazing at it sounds, that just doesn’t happen out in the real world and what you have given your kids is priceless.  The experience of friendship on such a deeper level it changes how they will walk in the world and how they see themselves. There is such a freedom here to be exactly who they are intended to be and they are accepted for it. I sat and watched your kids playing on the swings this afternoon. You wouldn’t believe how much joy swinging on swings bring them. No screens, no phones, no iPads monopolizing their minds, just fresh air and being able to play and connect. That is the magic of what we see each and every day we are here. We can’t possibly go backwards eliminating phones and iPads from our lives but here, in this world going backwards without them feels like we have leaped 1ooo steps forward by not having them. I am realistic enough to know that in mid August when my kids go home, they will grab their phones and get sucked into that world of posting instead of talking, they will start texting in lieu of holding their friends hands but for this time, right now, in this moment – they are truly connecting and for that I am forever grateful.

Our Girls Side athletes played hard with tons of heart:

Gymnastics Tourney @ Bryn Mawr – CAW comes in 6th Overall (out of 14)

Girls Inter Soccer – CAW 10 vs. Perlman 0

Girls Super Tennis – CAW 2 vs. Westmont 3

Girls GC/CIT  LAX – CAW 12 vs. Lohikan 7


When we launched our Kind Camper Program, it started with about 100 nominations and over the 3 years, we have watched it grow to a place we never thought possible. We sit in our office reading each and every single nomination and cry with joy to read how our campers are treating one another and the acts of kindness  they show to one another. There is an overwhelming sense that we take care of each other here and we make those around us feel good. This is definitely the best part what I do here, read and watch how kind we all can be. When I stand in front of your kids, ready to announce the weeks Kind Campers, there is a pride we all feel knowing that I am about to highlight some pretty special kids. And when I announce each name, there is screaming with joy as WE ALL honor those among us that were chosen for their generous spirit and kind heart. It is with such joy that we announce this weeks Kindest Campers: Sophie Hornick, Ava DeRose, Lexi Nelson, Lindsay Gelfman, Addy Rubbovitz, Charley Halpern, Shelli Limsky, Emma Denson, Ava Giarantarra, Lily Passen, Liv mall or, Riley Jacobson, Bella Goodman, Alexa Selter, Jordan Katz, Syd Levitz, Kelsey Bloom, Sophia Jaffe, Gabby Katz, Emery Cohen, Evan Kay, Brandon Jaffe, Jake Mongeluza, Charlie Horton, Zach Friedman, Cole Wallis, Max Leff, Cole Weiss, Josh Klein, Gavin Ryback, Ben Schuster, Brady Bornstein, Mike Hellerman.


Chenny’s Got Talent, Yes We Do!!!  And tonights semi-final show was off the charts… To feel the love in Shields Hall tonight was to be in the presence of something pretty special and moving. When our kids take that stage, no matter if they  play guitar, sing, dance, beatbox or tell jokes they receive an ovation of cheers followed by hundreds of people screaming for them.  Can you imagine the feeling of getting that response when you put your talent out their in the Chen-A-Wanda universe? It’s insanely awesome and those kids who performed tonight loved every minute of it. We know that for those campers who stood on that stage and entertained us all tonight, they felt the love. We all felt it and you couldn’t help but leave Shields Hall tonight with huge smile and a happy heart. A Huge Congratulations to every camper who performed tonight for our camp favorite show Chenny’s Got Talent. We advanced our Top 8 that are vying for the Grand Prize. Congratulations to Laine Bishop, Ally Heller & Maya Cohen, Drew Schimmer, Gabby Hoffman & Ava Cahn, Emma Goldenberg, Austin Frankle, Sami Miller, Ashley Sukoff.  We cant wait to see you shine in the finals!!!!

We are getting ready for you and your kids just cant wait to see you TOMORROW!!!!!! Our gates open at 10am.. Drive safe and see you on Saturday.

Chenny out.