We Are the River

Rain was in the forecast today so we had to go to plan B for our fabulous trip day today. That meant we all had to be the river and go with the new plans and that is exactly what our kids did. No tears, no disappointment just plan B. I heard a Mohican camper say to his buddy, “Camel Beach would have been fun but bowling and roller skating sounds pretty cool too.” That is the essence of being the river. I often ask our kids to be the river and not the rock. Rocks are stuck in one place and they can only see what is right around them but when you are the river you flow with the current and get too see so much more on your journey and that is exactly what our kids did. The original plan for our kids was to be outside at amusement parks and water parks but the rain had a different plan for us and it turned out to be a perfect day for all. Being the river is way more fun than being the rock.

Cherokee kids (Freshman, Junior and Middies) spent their morning bowling at the lanes and had a ball. Then it was off to the theater to grab a summer blockbuster. Half the kids saw Incredibles 2 while the other half enjoyed Hotel Transylvania 3. The kids rolled back into camp at dinner time and had a pizza party waiting for them. It was a great day and an incredible night for our youngest campers here at Chenny.

Mohican kids (Inters & Collegiates) also spent their morning at a bowling alley and they too had a great morning. Bowling, arcade games and lunch at the alley was a perfect morning for our Mohican kids. After they were done with bowling it was off to Skate Escape for some old school roller skating and they LOVED it. When the kids got back to camp that is all they could talk about. They absolutely loved rollerskating. For so many of them it was the first time they ever roller skated and it was the highlight of their day. It was all smiles when they rolled back into camp as they spent an incredible day bowling and skating. Lucky kids!

Navajo had a ball at Kalahari – the country’s largest indoor waterpark. It was swooshing down the Barrel Balloon or speeding through the Anaconda slide our kids had a ball at the park today. Our oldest campers enjoyed an entire day at Kalhari but the joy is was being with each other and spending a summer day with good friends.

So the day wasn’t what they had originally planned but our campers proved that they were all the River today and sometimes Plan B’s are pretty darn awesome!!

Chenny out.