Chenny Jam

I sat in center camp today and watched your kids playing and was thinking of you, their families at home, wondering if the pictures and video truly relay how easy life is up here. There were kids swinging on swings and some were having a catch and most were in conversation with one another and all I kept think was how at ease our kids are here. The music was playing, the sun was shining and everyone was at ease and so happy. There is no traffic to get frustrated over, no homework to focus on, no daily stresses to occupy our minds and no concept of time to worry how late we may be to an appointment. The word stressless is a perfect way to describe the feeling I felt as I watched your kids play.  It actually took my breath away as I felt incredibly grateful  that our kids get to detox from the stresses of their real world and live like this in this environment for another 3 1/2 weeks.

“Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Can’t, You’re Right.” – Henry Ford

Collegiate Girls Basketball – CAW 32 @ Lohikan 5

Senior Girls Basketball – CAW 41 @ Shoshanim 12

Super & CIT Mixed Doubles Tournament @ Trails End – Laine Bishop & Jake Atlas advance to Semi-Finals

Middy Boys Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 5

Inter Boys Soccer – CAW 7 vs. Wayne 2

Collegiate Boys Hockey – CAW 3 vs. Lavi 6

Super Boys Volleyball Tournament at Towanda – CAW wins First Place

Senior/Super/CIT Mixed Doubles Tennis Tournament @ Tyler Hill – CAW lost in second round

The excitement around Chenny Jam is undeniable. It is Boys Side vs. Girls Side – It is Pink vs. Black – It is energy and it is a camp favorite. It is everything the NBA ALl-Star offers but just here in our backyard. There are prizes, halftime dance shows, trick shots and dunks. It is a night that stands out as a summer favorite and not a camper at tonight’s game had anything but an INCREDIBLE time. One of those nights that you can’t sit down because standing and dancing makes way more sense. The fun was over the top and then of course there was the game. It was all staff playing and all camp cheering. Tonight’s Win went to GIRLS SIDE!!! Everyone in Pink went nuts but with all the prizes and T-shirts thrown out the crowd, everyone was a winner. Oh What a Night!!! Who needs Lebron or KD? We sure don’t.

Chenny out.