When I try and capture what I will write about in my daily blog, I typically observe our campers and am able to describe to you at home what has happened here at camp that day but today I was compelled to play so I jumped right in. There was a group of boys sitting playing cards around the apple tree and I just had to join. They taught me a few card games I have never heard of. These 4 boys and I had the absolute best time playing card games for 30 minutes. There was not a care in the world for those 30 minutes. As they each explained the games to me, I kinda felt like a camper and sat indian style playing card games around the apple tree. No distractions , no ringing phones or buzzing devices and I even turned off my walkie talkie for that half hour. I haven’t sat and played cards for a very long time and as my point of view is normally of our campers and the great benefits that occur from them being here today that benefit was happening to me. If I learned one thing from those 4 boys who taught me a few new cool card games it is to put those devices down, step away from your computers and play. The world didn’t end and all was ok without my immediate attention for those 30 glorious minutes. I was totally engaged for those 30 minutes and had a blast. These kids may really be onto something. So I have made a commitment when life returns to normal as of August 11th, I will carve out 30 minutes to sit indian style with my girls, unplug and play some card games.

“My Coach Said I Run Like A Girl And I Said If He Ran A Little Faster He Could Too.” – Mia Hamm

Freshman/Junior Girls Basket Ball – CAW 4 vs. Westmont 6

Inter Girls Basketball – CAW 27 vs. Westmont 24 – Chenny headed to Championship

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 2 @ Wayne 1 0 Chenny headed to Championship

Senior/Super Girls Volleyball @Westmont – CAW came in 2nd Place

Senior Girls Tennis – CAW 0 vs. Weequahic 5

Middy Boys Baseball – CAW 1 vs. Wayne 0

Inter and below Boys Hockey Tournament @ Lokanda – Chenny came in 4th Place

Senior/Super Boys Softball – CAW 8 @ Perlman 1

Tonight’s show was AWESOME!!!! Totally and completely incredible. It was the first show of Head Staff Lip Sync Battle and they brought it. Our staff  brought the talent and the kids went baazerrrrk after each and every act. Shields Hall was an explosion of energy and insane talent. I highly suggest you watch the video when it airs on our site. It’s worth a view. Your kids had the best time tonight at evening activity and cannot wait till round 2.

Chenny out.