Monday Night Football here at Chenny

When you think of sports and competition at home it tends to be cut throat and intense. There are endless hours of practice, upset feelings when our kids don’t make the travel team and stress the players feel when they hear the parents an onlookers coach them from the sidelines. It couldn’t be more opposite here. There is competition yes but the entire focus on playing sports at camp is all about the joy of playing, nothing more nothing less. When you think about our kids playing a sport just for the joy of playing, it makes sense and it can inspire them rather than deflate them. Another magical moment that I witnessed today was when our girls swim team arrived back at camp after their meet at Camp Starlight. The vans rolled through our gates and I heard singing, loud singing coming from inside the van. The van door opened and out rolled a group of kids laughing and singing at the top of their lungs. The smiles on their faces told their story. I asked how their swim meet went and every single one of them replied, “It was AWESOME” and “We had so much Fun!!” Then one of them told me how they came in last place and how much fun they had. These girls got it. They all loved to swim and that is why the day was incredible. They loved to swim regardless of a win or a loss, they just loved to swim. There were no coaches yelling, no disappointed faces for their defeat, no feelings of loss and agony. Each one of the girls couldn’t tell me fast enough how much fun they had. What a gift. What a perspective. What a lesson for all of us who may push too hard or expect too much from our kids who just want to love playing their sport. Reality is that the odds they will earn a living from playing professional sports is pretty low but odds are if done right, sports can inspire our kids and make them feel good about themselves. Sport can teach us how to be a good teammate and how to loose with dignity and grace. The lessons they will take with them wherever they go. I wish you all could have seen that van roll in with a bunch of kids laughing and singing after they came in last place.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Freshman – CIT Girls Swim Meet @ Starlight – CAW took 5th Place

Collegiate Girls Soccer – CAW 7 vs. Tioga 2

Super Girls Basketball Tournament @ Tyler Hill  – Game 1 CAW 11 vs. Westmont 32 / Game 2 CAW 26 vs. Seneca Lake 25 / Game 3 CAW 15 vs. Lokanda 23

Middy Boys Hockey – CAW 3 @ Starlight 5

Middy Boys Basketball – CAW 10 @ Tioga 7

Senior Boys Soccer – CAW 10 @ Perlman 2 – CAW heading to Championship

Senior/Super Boys Softball – CAW 1 @ Seneca Lake 0

GC/CIT Boys Baseball – CAW 7 @ Westmont 1 – CAW heading to Championship

Tonight’s evening activity was a show stopper. It was our GC  girls vs. our CIT’s playing in a rough and tumble game of Powder Puff football. CIT’s were dressed in all black and GC’s sported their white attire. The boys in each division were the cheerleaders and they got the crowd on their feet. It was a great night of football and we all had a fantastic time outside under the lights. The competition was fun and the game ended in a 21-21 tie. There were great plays, interceptions, long passes and great defense. The kids had a ball watching the girls on the grid iron. It was Monday night football here at Chenny and everyone loved it!  Summer nights like these will stay in our minds forever if either you played in the game or watched on the sidelines.  Just another incredible night in summer ’18.