Back to Building Sand Castles

What an absolutely perfect Visiting Day we had with all of you here yesterday. It was a spectacular day and we love showing off our summer home but today it was back to camp and everyone was ready to play. The day here was picture perfect. As I was walking through camp today, I headed down to the lake and watched your kids play. They were jumping off the inflatables in the water park, getting blobbed off the water trampoline and running to tubing with an excitement they just couldn’t contain. Three darling girl campers right in front of my were making a sand castle together and they saw a CIT boy trying to get his camper into the lake for some fun. This young boy wasn’t having it and just didn’t want to go into the lake and was having a hard moment. The CIT tried everything and nothing seemed to help except for when these 3 little darlings came to the rescue. They too saw what was happening and said to both boys, “Come play with us, we would love your help building a giant sand castle.” So the 3 now turned into a 5 and this group was brought together because 3 little girls reached out their hand and opened their circle to a few new friends. I turned off my walkie, sat back and watched what was right in front of me. This was the magic of kids being open to one another and offering friendship even in the form of building a sand castle. All they did was see someone who needed an offer to join them and he jumped in. That hard moment passed for that young camper, the CIT joined him where his camper  wanted to be and those 3 cutie pies probably have no idea how their openness to include others made someone else feel really great.

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.― Michael Jordan

Inter Girls Tennis  – CAW 3 vs. Wayne 2 – CAW heads to Championship Game

Senior Girls Soccer Girls Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 3

Collegiate Boys Softball – CAW 2 vs. Westmont 3

Senior Boys Basketball – CAW 34 vs. Westmont 28

GC/CIT Boys Soccer Tournament @ Equinunk – Game 1 CAW 4 vs. Equinunk – Game 2 CAW 1 vs. Wayne 0 – Game 3 CAW 4 vs. Island Lake 0 – CAW advances to Final and lost but had the BEST Time at this tourney!

GC/CIT Boys Hockey @ CAW 5 @ Starlight 6

The last four weeks are in front of us and we aren’t wasting a moment. GC’s are getting ready to wander. The Supers are preparing for their Vermont/Boston adventure and the Seniors just cant wait for their overnight to Hershey It’s great to be a Chenny kid!!!!! The best part camp are these last 4 weeks. Lets get at it!!

Chenny out.