A Perfect Visiting Day!

I think it is safe to say that our new Visiting Day process was a HUGE SUCCESS! We planned this day months ago and hoped it would work this seamlessly and it did. We can’t fully explain how happy we were to see parents, grandparents and other family members that joined you today all enter camp together! We wanted you to enjoy that moment as a family of getting your campers together and that is exactly what we saw happening today. The ease and joy of the morning was just beautiful and set the tone for the day. We watched you run to your children and hold them so tight. There is nothing like that first hug after not seeing your kids for three weeks. They needed it as much as you did. Today was all about Family and it was about making it as easy and stressless as possible and we hope we provided that experience for you and your family.

When you handed over your children to us just 3 weeks ago, our goal was to provide a community that inspires them, a place that protects them and experiences that make them better people. Today a father of a camper approached me and Jon and was in tears as he was trying to describe his emotions from the day. Today, he saw his son in a way that he never had. Something had been unlocked and his son was confident, secure, outgoing and profoundly happy here. He hadn’t seen this kind freedom from his son before and after a pretty tough year at school, he watched his boy in complete and total joy surrounded by friends – something that didn’t come so easily at home. He couldn’t even find the words but we knew what he wanted to say. He hugged us and said that there was no greater gift then seeing his child like this. What a gift he gave us today as he shared his thoughts. This was just one of so many moments that made our Visiting Day exceptional. Watching you enjoy your kids today and seeing how happy they are here make us smile from the inside out. We get this every day all summer long and today you got to see how we live inside these gates.

We hope your Visiting Day was outstanding and was exactly what you needed. We have four more weeks of this amazing place and we plan to make each day better than the next. Thank you for your love, support and appreciation for how we take care of your babies. Your children make us better people and we are so grateful for each and every single one of them. VisitingDay 2018 is in the books and will go down as one of the best!!

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!

Chennu out