Getting Ready For You!!

Visiting Day is in the air and we can’t wait. It has been exactly 3 weeks since you have seen, hugged and kissed your kids and tomorrow is the big day. There is not a person on camp that can’t feel the excitement of what is happening tomorrow. We spent the day getting camp ready for your arrival and it looks AMAZING. Campers and staff are just so excited to welcome you into our summer home. Welcome posters are up and ready, bunks are cleaned and cubbies are organized. Now all we need is you!!!!

“It’s Not the Team with The Best Payers that Win, It’s the Players with the Best Team that WINS!!!”…Vince Lombardi

Freshman/Junior Girls Basketball  – CAW 20 vs. Starlight 8 / Chenny advances to Championship

Super Girls Softball – CAW 4 @ Starlight 3 / Chenny advances to Championship

GC/CIT Girls Tennis – CAW 4 @ Tioga 1 – Chenny advances to Championship

Inter Boys Hockey – CAW 0 @ Lavi 19

Inter Boys Basketball – CAW 18 vs. Wayne 52

Senior Boys Baseball – CAW 1 vs. Wayne 5

Super Boys Soccer  – CAW 0 vs. Wayne 10

It’s soooo Cool to be Kind and the smiles on your kids faces when we announced their names tonight at lineup is priceless. When your children are recognized for being kind, there is just no bigger compliment. Bring kind  is the best human trait to posses and we know how proud you must be of your kids who are being honored for their kindness. Congratulations to our Kind Kids: Livia Sherman, Annie Isaacson, Ashleigh Brett, Izzy Aranoff, Lexi Tave, Sarah Fernbach, Sydney Kesselman, Lindsay Gelfman, Alex Bass, Brianna Deutsch, Nikki Heifler, Beth Shields, Lila Klarsfeld, Sydney Garfield, Sam Tavel, Bennett Votano, Ben Kule, Jake Marin, Jordan Morris, Jake Fersko, and Ian Sherman.

Not only do we have Kind Kids here, we are excited to announce our Campers of the Week. Wow do we have amazing kids here. Congratulations to some pretty Awesome kids!! To be named Camper of the Week is pretty special here and we are proud of these outstanding kids.

Freshmen – Maddy Klatsky & Nick Einzig

Juniors – Maya Porat & Noah Simon

Middies – Kayla Denson & Charlie Horton

Inters – Sammy Selden & Zachary Gelfman

Collegiates – Samara Goldman & Brett Hafkin

Seniors – Jessica Benisch & Jagger Morgan

Supers – Lexi Gruberger & Jed Katz

GC’s – Alexis Siegel & Parker Moritz

CIT’s – Emily Sobel & Emery Cohen

Camp is quiet now and it’s hard to imagine that in just a handful of hours, our home will be even more full of love. We can’t wait to see you hug your kids tomorrow. Enjoy every minute of your day tomorrow. Here is to a great Visiting Day Everyone!!!

Life is Great at Camp Chen-A-Wanda!

Chenny Out.