That’s Too Much Chen-A-Wanda… Said No One Ever

It was a brunch wake up today and we all LOVED LOVED LOVED the extra sleep. After our lazy sleep-in morning, it was off to the Carnival for one amazingly fun day. There were dunk tanks, carnival games, water slides, foam pit, inflatable obstacle courses, snow cones, cotton candy and so much more. We even had a marriage booth. There were so many marriages today, it was a carnival of love. It’s a camp tradition to give away Carnival T-shirts on this special day and this years was a huge hit. That’s To Much Chen-A-Wanda ..Said No One Ever!! All our campers were proudly sporting the coolest carnival T-shirt to date and seeing everyone wear the same cool shirt on the same cool day is just awesome!

Take me out to the Ballgame! Our Navajo boarded buses after a fun afternoon at the carnival and headed out to the ballpark. They spent their evening munching on goodies, watching a great game and spending a perfect summer night at the baseball field. What says summer more than a seventh inning stretch while singing Take Me Out The Ballgame? Our Navajo kids had the ultimate day

For Cherokee and Mohican it was Round Robin and they too had an incredible Chenny night. Freshman Boys had a Biddy City Skills Tournament under the lights. Freshman Girls has a Arts & Crafts Party – It was artsty and it was craftsy and it was so much fun! Juniors and Middies spent their night at a pool party and s’mores beach party! Inters got into bathing suits too and slipped and slidded down the foam slip and slide. There were so many happy campers and you heard the roars of laughter all throughout camp. Our Collegiates had a black light party in Canteen. Faces were painted with neon glow paint, music was bumping, snacks were flowing and the fun was jut unstoppable. In a nut shell, Camp was en fuego tonight. Fun was happening in every corner of every place on camp tonight.

The first half of summer has been OUTSTANDING and in just 1 day, you will get to hug your babies and see their smiling beautiful faces. Your kids are safe and sound and in their beds sleeping from the awesome day they had. It’s good to be a Chenny kid!!!!

Chenny out.