Trip days….It’s a wrap

This is it, our last trip day for Summer 2023. Crazy to think that there are only 11 days left to our magical summer here at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.

Our Freshman, Juniors and Middies started their day at the Leahy’s Fun Park. They played in the arcade, went on bumpers cars, had a ball driving the go-carts and enjoyed mini-golf. There was just so much to do . Then if that wasn’t enough fun, it was off to the ice rink for some fun on the ice. The campers loved ice skating in the middle of summer.  We ended the day back at camp with a movie in Shields Hall. It was a perfect day and a perfect way to end this summers trip days for our youngest campers.

The Inters & Collegiate’s, Seniors, Supers and GC’s loved their day spent at Dorney Park. Nothing defines summer more than a day spent at an amusement park with your besties. A day full of rides, games, more rides & so much park food was the ideal way to spend their last trip day of the summer.  They all rolled off the buses with giant stuffed animals they won at the park. It was all smiles and great vibes from our upper camp kids. They just enjoyed an amazing day at Dorney Park.

The CIT’s enjoyed their last trip spent all together as a division at Lake George. They had 3 glorious days spent at the most beautiful and scenic place. They did a little bit of everything and it was perfection because they did it together.   As their bus rolled into camp tonight, they all knew this was the last time they would roll through out gates as Chenny campers. The emotions were definitely there for every single one of them. One our CIT boys came off the bus and said to me, “I just rolled by the Chenny sign coming back into camp for the last time ever as a camper. I never thought I would feel this way about this place. It’s home to me.”

Trips are done and WE ARE ALL IN – Our house in Full. Now onto the last and best 11 days of Chenny. We have a Color War to get to……..

Life is so GREAT at Camp Chen-A-Wanda.