COLOR WAR is here!!!!

It’s that time in the summer when everyone is thinking Color War and wondering when it’s breaking. at Chenny, we are known for our breakouts and equally famous for our Fake-Outs. Keeping kids on the edge is what we do and this summer did not disappoint. The campers kept checking the calendar posted at Headquarters and were desperately trying to figure out which day it’s happening. There was a general consensus that it was most definitely breaking after Carnival on Thursday or Friday morning early or even Friday at snack call. The theories were flying everywhere and we LOVED it!!! Nobody, not anyone thought we were breaking on Wednesday night. We love when a plan comes together and this day, this plan, this Color War Breakout was seamless.

All of camp was focused and excited for Head Staff Lip Sync Battle. The show was perfection and all of camp was together in Shield’s Hall having the best night. There is something magical that happens when the entire camp is together, enjoying a traditional camp event, just being one camp family. The energy was high all throughout the show and after we crowned Haley Kushner and the CIT’s, Head Staff Lip Sync Champions – theĀ  Fakeout bagan. We showed a trailer of Barbie vs. Super Mario Bros clips and ended with that famous word , FAKEOUT! For a few moments, the campers were thinking this could be it – as the chants and cheers got louder and louder and louder. Our kids wanted Color War but it was not happening yet, until……….

As soon as we stated dismissing everyone from the hall, they could hear loud music down at the beach. WAS THIS IT????? As the kids ran from the hall to the beach, the excitement was at an all time high and we all knew something spectacular was about to happen. The most incredible and impressive drone show took our breath away as we all watched in awe the magic of this night. Maybe it was the most perfect weather or maybe it was the music or the theme we picked or the insane drone show that was happening over Fiddle Lake or a combination of it all, last nights Color War breakout was INCREDIBLE!!! Your kids experienced a night that they will never forget.

Red New York vs. Gold LA – It’s On!!!!!!