Tugs, Games & Contests

Day 1 – Kids got dressed head-to-toe in their colors and went right into Tugs of war. The battle was fierce and the kids dug down deep to do their teams proud. They pulled hard and worked as team and showed a strength that they may not have even been aware they had. The faces of fierceness and the grunts of grit, Tugs of War brought the spirit of the games to life and set the tone to what is looking to be an incredible War.

It was fun afternoon full of games and competition with steal the bacon, BBG, softball, basketball and soccer, kickball to name a few. Your kids played all day and I say play, they played hard. After six weeks of non-stop action here at camp, their energy is pure adrenaline as they are giving everything they got. Campers and counselors went hard today and didn’t hold back on effort and so much spirit.

What happened tonight was a standout night. After mass games, it was contest night and there was something in the air. The energy was just INSANE. Kids were going crazy with dancing and singing in between their games of hip-pity hops and relay races. The vibe was just electric and the energy tonight was something special. Everyone was feeling good and having the best time.  It was a GIANT party where everyone was in the best mood to party and dance. There is no doubt that from the physical energy your kids produced today, that at this very moment, all our camp is fast asleep. Camp is quiet but not for long – In just a few hours, we have to get to Day 2!