It was another spectacular day here at Chenny as we hosted 2019 World Series Champion, Matt Adams for our first MLB Day. His impressive powerful home runs paled in comparison to his approachable connection to the kids and staff. Matt spent the entire day here at Chenny, signing autographs, taking pictures and of course hitting dingers out of the ball park. Everyone here is a Matt Adams fan and we can say with confidence that Matt is a fan of Chenny. He loved playing ball with us today and after the Home Run Derby, he had a personal request to go tubing and ATV’ing and that is exactly what he did. No matter if you are a World Series Champion or a Chenny camper, when you are here, tubing and ATV’ing are a must do. A great day was had by all and we know that no matter how much time passes, our kids will always remember when a true MLB hero came to visit their camp that sunny beautiful day.


Inter Tennis Finals – CAW 1 vs. Wayne 4

Super Softball Finals – CAW 10 vs. Lohikan 3 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP

BOYS SIDE SPORTS – No games played today

Boy, did we put on a show tonight as our Circus show took our breath away.We had tumblers and acrobats, adagios and lyra performances. There were single trapezes and spanish web and our kids dazzled us with their abilities on the triple trapeze. To watch our kids create a performance that defies gravity and takes total 100% concentration and are able to execute with such ease and grace is a testament to our Circus staff. From start to finish our minds were blown as we watched our kids do things that they only learned here at camp. They were brave and fierce, talented and composed.  You just can’t imagine how spectacular your kids were as they were the main acts. To watch you kids pour their heart and soul into this program and show us all what dedication looks like is truly what it’s all about. There is nothing they can’t do when they apply themselves and try until they nail it. So many kids may look at that huge trapeze and see it’s enormity as something they can’t do but this summer, our campers saw what they can do and we could not be more proud of each one of them. So many kids in the audience were in awe and said to me afterwards that next year they DEFINITELY trying out for the Circus show. They soared tonight and literally flew to new heights. They worked so hard and it showed. The show was phenomenal, funny, entertaining, electric and just awesome. Here is to our incredible team who taught our children to dream big, fear less and go for it. Bravo Bravo!