We Are Revolting Children!

We have 12 more days at this glorious place together. Twelve more days to do extraordinary things. Twelve more days to wake up with our best-friend next to us. Twelve more days to feel this free and happy and twelve more days that we will make count. There is so much to look forward too and though we are getting closer to the end, there is an enormous amount of action we will experience in our last 12 days. The buzz has definitely started about Color War and everyone is on alert. Truly the best part of camp is in front of us. It’s hard to believe the best is yet to come but that is exactly what we have to look forward to – the best part of camp is approaching and everyone can feel it. Everyone here may not recall every detail to every day, they may not remember scores of the games they played but I promise you this, everyone here will remember the way this placeĀ  and the people inside camp made them feel. It’s why you don’t ever want to stop coming back, because the feeling when you’re here makes you want to stay. So the plan is to go BIG these next twelve days and no matter how tired we may be or how exhausted our bodies are, we have more magic go make and more memories to create.


Middy Tennis – CAW 4 vs. Westmont 1 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP

Inters Softball – CAW 5 vs. Westmont 6

Collegiate Softball – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 10

Collegiate LAX Finals – CAW 12 @ Westmont 3 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP

Senior Soccer Finals – CAW 1 @ Westmont 5

Senior Basketball Finals – CAW 26 vs, Nesher 18 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP


Inter Baseball – CAW 0 vs. Starlight 4

Senior Basketball Finals – CAW 40 vs. Lavi 34 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP

We have the most talented kids and tonight’s performance of Matilda brought the house to its feet. The acting, the singing, the dancing was superb. Our cast worked so hard on this production and it showed. The pride on the faces of the kids in the show was incredible to see. All that hard work paid off and our entire camp watched in awe. The audience clapped and sang along and showed great support and so much respect. You would been so0 beyond proud of your kids in the show as they dazzled us with their talent. What jumped off that stage tonight was your kids having fun, actually having a total blast. They were all part of something special they created together and put on a show that blew us all away. You know an experience makes an impact when you overhear a few cast mates after the show say to one another, “I am definitely doing the play next summer.” The show was fabulous, your kids were incredible and my cup is so full!!!!