Who Runs The World…. GIRLS SING!

There is nothing quite like camp traditions and this one is on the top of the list. Girls Sing is the ultimate camp tradition on girls side. Girls have been practicing for days and the pride each division has for making it great is unreal. For days now, you see groups of girls rehearsing their dance, perfecting the moves and memorizing their songs. It defines Chenny and there isn’t a girl on campus that isn’t fully engaged with this event. The big night is tonight and from what we see, the show will be a night to remember. We love everything about Girls Sing!!!


Middy Basketball  – CAW  8 vs. Westmont 16

Middy Kickball – CAW 11 vs. Westmont 4


Fr/JR Soccer – CAW 3 vs. Westmont 6

Junior Newcombe – CAW defeats Westmont

Inter Hockey – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 12

GC/CIT Softball – CAW 4 vs. Equinunk 3 – Chenny heads to Finals!!

The night was all about Girls Sing and it was INCREDIBLE. It is a summer favorite and defines our camp tradition and spirit. Each division worked so hard on their dances and songs and it showed. When boys side can sit and support girls side for 2 hours, you know something special is happening. The support boys side gives girls side is just breathtaking. From the cutest and most darling freshmen through our crazy talented  and passionate CIT’s, they all brought the house down. I could never bring justice to describing the bonds these girls have with one another but watching them up on stage perform together allows us all to witness it for ourselves.  It is a true sisterhood that will stay with each and every one of them throughout their lives.  Each division picked a theme, danced and sang from their heart and from their soul.  There were chills upon chills as each division wrote and sang their alma mater to an audience that listened to every single word.  This shared tradition, creates memories that will never fade. They will sing their songs for years to come and will never forget a word. It was a night, a spectacular night that is most definitely one that will be remembered as a summer 2023 favorite.

Congratulations goes out to the Inter girls for winning lower camp Sing this year. It was Inter A Whole New World and they dazzled us with their Arabian themed performance.  Simply stunning! There is something here at camp called the GC curse as this division has not won Girls Sing since 2002. Tonight our GC’s broke that curse and brought home the Win for upper camp. The GC Family was breathtaking and blew everyone away. They were phenomenal, in sync and showstoppers. Everyone in the hall couldn’t look away as  their take on the Adams Family was just incredible. Congratulations to Girls Side for the BEST Girls Sing we have had ever!!! Now matter where each girl will go in their life, being a part of Girls Sing is an experience that is etched in their minds forever. They won’t forget the songs they sang or the themes they chose. Life is Great on Girls Side!!!