Corn Man Was Here

It was anything but a typical day today at Camp Chen-A-Wanda as the Corn Man came to Chenny and he hit it out of the park with his delicious sweet roasted corn on the cob. He started roasting the corn early in the morning and that yummy sweet smell covered every corner of camp all day long. Mid afternoon came, it was time and the campers were ready. You have no idea how much your kids LOVED the roasted corn. It was the sweetest most yummy corn I have ever had and there wasn’t a camper who ran up to myself and Jon asking for the Corn Man to came back every summer, which he will. We are all hooked. One Junior boy, in between bites said “My mom will never believe me when I tell her I ate Corn on the Cobb.” What a treat!!


Freshman Soccer – CAW 1 vs. Westmont 7

Juniors Kickball – CAW 21 vs. Westmont 7

Collegiate Soccer – CAW 2 vs. Starlight 0 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Seniors Softball – CAW 4 vs. Westmont 6

GC/CIT Softball – CAW 8 vs. Westmont 9



Fr/Junior/ Middy LAX-A-AMA @ Wayne – game 1. CAW 1 vs. Equinunk 3 / game 2/ CAW 4 vs. Wayne 1 / Semi Final CAW 2 vs. Equinink 3

Freshman Baseball Tourney @ Westmont – game 1. CAW 3 vs. Westmont 2 / game 2. CAW 2 vs. Starlight 1

Middy Hockey  – CAW 6 vs. Wayne 1 – CHENNY WINS CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Senior Baseball – CAW 2 @ Starlight 4

What a beautiful night we had outside at the Amphitheater under the lights, all together at our camp favorite Chenny Globes. This is the night where we get dressed up and enjoy an evening of superlatives.  The night was beautiful, the mood was perfect and the kids and staff absolutely loved the Globes. The categories ranged from Most Likely to Be A Color War Captain to Most Camp Spirited to Most Likely to Be President to name a few. This night was fun for everyone and felt like a true awards show. The cheers and hollers when the winners were announced from all their friends was deafening. The pride on the winners faces when they heard their name called, was precious. They ran up on stage and accepted their award (made in Chenny Tech BTW) .It was a perfect summer night, just perfect!!