Everyone is HOME

Today marks only 2 weeks and 2 days left at our glorious summer home. Our GC’s that have spent the last 8 days out west on their amazing travel journey, are back at camp happy and exhausted. After a canceled flight and a very long travel day, we have them back. As the buses rolled into camp, we were there waiting for them and couldn’t wait for their return. Some staff and campers made posters with WELCOME HOME and WE MISSED YOU plastered for them to see upon their return. Our GC’s literally rolled back into camp with a giant warm hug waiting for them. That’s how we do it here and thats why everyone in this place is so connected to one another. I was walking behind a group of GC girls as they were headed to their bunk and one said it so perfectly, ” Guys, that was the most incredible trip but I am so happy to be home” We are their home and this place and the people in it make it feel like home. There is no bigger compliment than our kids feeling comfortable, confident and home here at Chenny.

Girls Side Sports

Middy Soccer Championship Game – CAW 8 vs. Lohikan 1

Inter Tennis – CAW 2 vs. Lohikan 1  – CAW moves onto finals

Dance Competition at Camp Wayne – CAW places 1st in Lower Camp Hip Hop

Boys Side Sports

Senior & Under Hockey Tournament @ Lokanda  – game 1.  CAW 8 vs. Wayne 2  / game 2. CAW 3 vs. Timberlake 4 / Semi final CAW 9 vs. Wayne 3 / Final CAW 1 vs. Timberlake 6

We had our 2nd Camper Talent Show and like the first, it truly shows what kind of camp we are and what kind of kids we have here. The support, the love, the talent and the courage to take center stage that is on display here, is truly breathtaking. When one of us is up on stage the rest of us are singing along with them. We literally are the best place in the world to showcase our talents to. Tonight we had, dancers, singers, magicians, musicians, comics and rappers. This is a night that everyone loves because it is just all about great vibes and great talent. To watch our kids take the stage with such confidence and poise is magic. They may have nerves but you would never know it and once that curtain opens, you kids shine so bright. These moments are the ones that transforms our kids from looking fear in the face to finding courage to perform in front of of camp to embracing their own greatness. Nights like this one, fills up our cups.