Totally Chillin’

If you had to choose a word to describe today it would definitely be Chillin’. There was a vibe on camp and maybe the pace of the first week and half has brought us all to just feel relaxed and at ease. You would walk throughout camp and everyone was just super chill. Camp felt calm which is a fete in and of itself. There was a cool breeze that swept through camp all day and it felt like everyone downshifted. I watched a group of Middy boys and their counselors play catch with a football at center camp while every single swing was taken with kids enjoying the ride. There was a bunch of boys sitting round the apple tree playing card games and there too you can only describe it as kids just chillin’ on a perfect summers day. This vibe was felt by everyone on camp as the energy just felt easy and calm. It was noticeable and it was perfect.

Our Seniors left camp this morning for their first of two overnights and headed for Hershey Park. These kids couldn’t have been more excited. They were packed and ready to go and loaded the buses all with an excitement that was written all over their faces. They were the envy of everyone on camp. I overheard one younger camper saying to another, “They are so lucky they get to go to Hershey Park” to which the other camper replied, ” We get to go when we are Seniors. That’ll be so cool.” The Seniors had the BEST DAY EVER!!!

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts… by anonymous

Middy Boys Soccer  – CAW 3 vs. Starlight 1

Inter Boys Tennis – CAW 0 @ Starlight 5

Super Boys Basketball @ Tyler Hill – Competitive Tourney today. CAW won several games to get in the qualifying rounds and lost in the quarter finals.

Family Feud was the evening activity tonight and it was Family Fun. The kids loved being part of the action. We surveyed 100 people and the top answer is on the board. What is the Best Camp Around?…. CAMP CHEN-A-WANDA!

Just another incredible day. Livin’ the dream and lovin’ every minute.

Chenny out